Google file manager add new controls for videos

Google File Manager for Android continues to add features to become one of the users' favourite apps.

While no one remembers the file manager until they decide to put downloads in order or free up storage on mobile, Files adds options to become essential.

We've already seen that it has multiple options to recover space in a few clicks or identify unnecessary files that are stealing storage on mobile. It also has a "safe folder" to save all those documents and files that we want to keep safe and private using a PIN.

And on the other hand, it integrates a PDF viewer and a video player. Yes, you can open almost any multimedia content without leaving the app and verify its contents. Following this same line, now add more options to your media player.

As mentioned in AP, with a few simple gestures the user will be able to control the brightness and volume of the video from the Google Files app. If you perform a swipe gesture on the right side of the screen you can control the volume, and if you perform the same gesture on the left side, the brightness. A dynamic that works whether you play the video horizontally or vertically.

While it's a small update, it'll save you a few clicks, you won't have to give up video playback if you're in full screen and will improve your experience from the app.

These new options are being implemented with the latest version of Files, so just need to update the app to see the new controls the next time you play a video.

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