Google meet will allow educators to create work room during video calls

Google Meet has become one of the tools of choice to track educational activities. Not only does it offer the basic options for video calls, but it also has features that meet the needs of students and teachers.

Following this line, Google Meet is adding a new option that will make it easier for educators to work with large groups of students from video calls.

Create workgroups from Google Meet

Video calls have become an indispensable resource for teaching. And while it can work for an entire group of students to connect and follow classes, it has its limitations. Interacting with students, answering their questions or giving personalized assistance becomes chaos in large groups.

Considering this context, Google Meet offers a solution: create workgroup rooms from the same video conference. That is, educators will be able to divide the class into smaller groups and organize all the details within the same video call.

As mentioned by the Google team, up to 100 group rooms can be created per video call. These groups can be created randomly or you can decide which students will participate in each room. And when the educator decides, the students will return to the original video call to follow the class together.

That way, the teacher will be able to create teams for students to work as a group, and then go through each room to attend to them or solve their doubts. It can also be a way to create discussion rooms, work on different topics, etc.

So instead of having dozens of passive students in video conferencing while a few participate, educators will be able to create small group rooms for everyone to actively participate in their learning. In this first stage, this feature is only available to Enterprise for Education users.

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