Google Play prepares for a design change that was already slow to arrive

Google Play is the app store present on almost all mobiles sold in Spain (except Huawei), a store that thanks to the benefit of coming pre-installed is the most widespread, although it does not mean that you must relax in front of any rival. Less knowing that in future versions of Android installing third-party stores will be more accessible than ever.

While functionality is very important in this type of product, the design is undoubtedly the key pillar in the user experience and is the one that invites us to spend hours discovering applications, movies or books. In the latest tests, it seems that one of the most traditional elements of Android disappears, which is known as the burger menu.

The classic burger menu, avocado to extinction

It was 2011 when Android was still a long way from what we knew now. Most mobile phones had large frames on the front and many occasions, these were used by buttons, physical or tactile. At the time, it was usual to find four buttons known as Start, Back, Menu and Search. At the end of the year, everything changed forever with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the first mobile version to integrate the buttons on the screen, keeping only two of these four and adding a third button that we know today as multitasking.

One of the arrangements in Android design lines at the time to solve the absence of menus ended up being the burger menu, an element that would expand soon after with the arrival of Android 5.0 and the design line we know as Material Design. A button located in the upper left corner that when pressed showed us a drop-down menu loaded with options and that today remains in force.

However, as we counted when cell phones began to appear without frames, this element ceased to make sense because it became less and less accessible. Gradually we have seen how it gradually began to disappear in several applications, sometimes with great execution, and it seems that at last, it is time to say goodbye in the app store.

As we see on Android Police, Google is already experimenting with removing the button in its app store. Google's fix may not be the most ideal in this circumstance, as what was in a hidden menu in the upper left corner is now on a button in the upper right corner, but when not deployed by swiping, at least don't incur with Android 10 gestures.

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