Google TV can now be installed on your TV with Android TV: so you can do it

Chromecast with Google TV is one of the last devices of the company to arrive in Spain, a device that has come to revolutionize how we enjoy our content on any tv, regardless of whether it is a smart TV or a basic TV, as long as it has an HDMI port.

The advantage of the new Chromecast is that it is no longer just a device to which you send content from your mobile but also allows us to enjoy Google TV, a version that, taking Android TV as the basis, aims to replace the popular operating system of smart TVs. So you can now install Google TV on your current TV.

Installing Google TV on a current Android TV is easier than you thought
When we met Google TV, multiple doubts arose about the future of Android TV. Is the new system coming to replace the old one, is it a name change as happened when Android TV was renamed Wear OS or is it just a layer of customization?

Well, it seems that the reality is simpler, and that is that the whole Google TV experience is accessible by a simple launcher. And we're not talking about an adaptation or a hack, let alone the whole Google TV experience you can have on Android TV, just by installing the official Google launcher, with some conditions, of course.

How to sideload any app (APK) on Android TV wirelessly

Google has recently uploaded the official Google TV launcher to the Play Store, a launcher that will update the experience of using the new Chromecast as it can be purchased in Spain from October 15. When we go to install the application, it will tell us that we do not have compatible devices, something reasonable since today the only access is not for sale.

But Android TV is still Android, and that always leaves us the possibility to take the APK and directly install it on our Android TV. Since the APK file is already available in APKMirror and is compatible with devices that are at least available on Android 9, it was worth trying to install it. And it seems that it can be installed like this, just like that.

The app is not a substitute for the current Android TV launcher, so your TV experience won't change radically. Pressing the home button will take you to the traditional Android TV menu, and even if the Google TV launcher will appear in the list of apps (under the launcher name) for a comfortable experience you'll have to map one of the buttons on your controller to make the experience comfortable.

What is Android TV and how does it work?

And we'd be there by now. In my personal experience, I installed it on my 2019 Nvidia Shield, so the experience is completely smooth given the hardware. On more modest devices it should work properly (since the new Chromecast is not a technical prodigy). Let's take a look at the particularities of this new launcher.

The main menu shows us the contents of all the platforms that we have installed, combining them all into one. When you click on a content it gives us the option to view it in the main application, to watch the trailer, mark it to our to-do list, see which streaming services it is available, mark it as a view and rate it.

In the case of Iron Man, we can watch it on Netflix or rent/buy it on Google TV, which replaces Android TV.

Although the contents have taken the main page, we have a section of applications, with all Android TV apps installed (the ones that we have downloaded as APK still not displayed directly, as on Android TV).

And in the collection section appears the movies purchased in Google Play Movies (which from now on will be called Google TV).

Although the installation and use media are a bit cumbersome if you're not used to installing third-party apps on Android TV, we didn't expect the experience to change by simply installing the Chromecast launcher with Google TV. Hopefully, once the months pass, all Android TVs upgraded to Android 9 will start receiving this launcher and replace the traditional home screen.
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