Google will monitor Android versions of all manufacturers

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One of the peculiarities of Android is the great versatility it has when it comes to being modified by a third party. Thus, in countries like Spain, an interface similar to Google's is valued, while in the East a more colourful look is requested.

This also affects the internal functions of manufacturers' layers, which adapt to different countries. The problem is that since there are so many variables on top of Android AOSP the potential problems are triggered.

That's why Google has launched the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative (AVPI) to handle potential issues.

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Analyzing all versions of Android
Thanks to this layer of security, Google engineers have set out to study the behaviour of interfaces such as Huawei EMUI or OPPO Color OS, among others. They have found some bugs, which have started publishing on a website created for it, in addition to notifying the developers of the different manufacturers to solve them.

In this way, Google takes a more proactive role in combating the possible weaknesses that different versions of Android may have, even if they come from modifications from other companies and not from the code they create.

Not that that code can't fail, but to fix them we already have monthly security patches.

This is Google's third major initiative to fix problems on Android, following the Android Security Rewards Program and the Google Play Security Rewards Program.

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