Google Workspace: a new workspace integrated with Gmail, Docs and Meet

Google has announced its new business collaboration platform, which replaces the G Suite, known to most in Spain. Google Workspace is the name of this new workspace, where several of the company's services are integrated, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Meet. This will make it possible to access them from one place.

In July it was already announced that the G Suite was going to be updated, and that's when Google Workspace becomes official. Also, the arrival of this new project comes with a makeover, new icons in the apps, and new pricing plans depending on the company.

That's Google Workspace
Google Workspace is designed to give you a user experience where your company's communication and collaboration tools come together. An evolution of the G Suite that seeks to optimize workflows, since all the tools are in one place. So you avoid having to be moving from one to the other constantly. Also, new features have been introduced in this space.

  • Link Preview: When we are working on a document, users will be able to see what content is linked, without leaving the document. This will also work with links between documents, if you link a presentation within a document, for example.
  • PiP mode in Google Meet: This mode will work with the rest of Google Workspace tools. Thanks to it, you will be able to make a video call with the people who are working on a document, while you have that document in the same window as the video call. Allows you to make suggestions and get a faster interaction when editing the document.
Google Workspace enlazado
  • Smart Chips: With this feature, when we are working on a file and mentioning someone, a pop-up with contextual information and a series of suggested actions, such as sharing the document, will be displayed. Also, a tab of that person is displayed with their photo or email, among other information.
  • Creating documents in rooms: This is a feature that will be released in the coming weeks, but that will allow you to create a shared document directly in a room in Chats. So if you're talking about something with a partner and it's something worth noting, you can open a document from the chat window. It will be possible to work on it without leaving the chat.
  • Security: Google Workspace will soon have some data protection reports, so you can better understand how the information is stored. Also, there will be apps verified by Google, so that they know if an app meets the necessary requirements to access this space so that they can restrict those apps that do not meet them.

Pricing plans
Google Workspace is launched with several new pricing plans. This tool is intended for both small and large companies. Therefore, various plans have been created, depending on the type of company. The plans that have become official for small businesses are as follows:

  • Business Starter: 5.20 euros per user (including personalized mail).
  • Business Standard: 10.40 euros per user. It gives more storage capacity and video calls.
  • Business Plus: 15.60 euros per user. Gives access to tools such as MDM (Mobile Device Management) and Vault.

Large companies will have various offers but are asked to contact Google for this purpose. It seems that this new workspace will not affect current licenses in G Suite. Google comments that there are no changes in this regard, as it will continue to function normally until there is some transition in the future, about which nothing is known at the moment.

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