Google's art app brings India's largest museum to your home

Google Arts & Culture is an application that continues to gain presence in Spain, thanks to the new features that are being incorporated. These weeks we have seen new educational games launched in it or a feature was premiered with which to transform your selfies into works of art. The app now takes us on a visit to India's most important museum.

Google has joined forces with the National Museum in New Dehli to take its collection directly to our homes. Since we will be able to see the works of art of this museum, both in photos and in the living room of the house thanks to the use of augmented reality in the app.

Google brings Indian artwork to your salon

When you open Google Arts & Culture on your phone, you come directly with the option to enter "Discover India's Mini Masterpieces", which is this new section where the app will show you some of the most important works of art in the country. In this section, you will find a series of sections, where you can see some miniature works of art or be able to bring the museum home.

As with other museums, the app also takes you to this National Museum in New Dehli to your living room thanks to the use of augmented reality. So you can see those works of art in original size and know more about them, as you move around your house. If you want to see a work of art in more detail, just double-click on it. Also, the application provides texts explaining more about the history of each work.

In addition to the museum, Google Arts & Culture also brings you the traditional architecture of India. There are several miniature buildings, which you will be able to see in your home through augmented reality. This is going to let you know more about the style of those buildings and the way they've been built. Besides, you're going to be able to explore its interior too.

A good way to discover India's most important works of art right at home. To do so, you're only going to have to install Google Arts & Culture on your Android phone. This new option to discover the art of India is located directly on the home screen in the app.

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