Google's big bug with its Android updates that no one would have imagined

Google can't fix the Android update problem - The Verge

Android is the leading mobile operating system in Spain, and among the wide variety of devices available on the market, Google Pixels are the recommended option if you want to be up to date in terms of system updates, not only for durability but for great consistency in updates.

On the day an update arrives, all supported Pixels receive it, regardless of their age. This means that thanks to their ease and frequency with updates, they are mobile that are always updated to the latest version. Or so Google thought, and we set aside a little detail.

Upgrading from Android 9 to Android 11, the fatal mistake no one would have seen

Normally, thanks to its fame for updates, we might think that Pixel users often have their mobiles fully updated, or that’s what we believed practically all of them since there seem to be users willing to buy a Pixel, whose interest with updates is much calmer than other users.

In this way, an error has been discovered with the Google Pixel 3A, mobile that apparently has an error in the OTA update system, and that is that if you try to upgrade to Android 11 from Android 9 a fateful error will occur.

If you try to upgrade from a Pixel 3a with Android 9 directly to Android 11, it will remain hung for several minutes on the loading screen until you enter a boot loop state, constant restarts that will end with a message indicating that it has not been possible to perform the update, as showed by several users in the Google Help forums.

It seems a very rare problem, since what is expected is that a user of a Pixel 3a as normal at this point would be that he had already upgraded to Android 10, and it may have been the reason why when it comes to testing this use case has been omitted.

Beyond users who decide to upgrade Android versions from 2 to 2, it rather seems like a case of users who have just purchased their Pixel 3a and who were still with the previous version of Android. In any case, if for some remote circumstance you see yourself in this situation, the failure only occurs with the OTA update, and it is still possible to install the versions by ADB.

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