Google's SMS app will change its interface: categories arrive

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Although in Spain the use of SMS has virtually disappeared, in other countries they are still used massively. That explains why Google updates your Messages app so much.

A few days ago we were telling you that the company was about to change the way we managed the SMS that was sent when using two-step verification. That they could be deleted automatically would be a fairly simple way to keep the inbox clean.

A new leak shows us that this function would come with a simple redesign of the interface, in which for the first time we will have categories.

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Personal SMS, from the bank...
As seen in the screenshots they have obtained in 9to5Google, the messaging app would get a three-column selector where SMS would be stored.

  1. Personal: Here would be the SMS we receive from people, whether they are contacts or unknown numbers.
  2. Transfers: In this section will be those we receive from the bank or stores when buying online.
  3. OTPs: This last column would store the SMS that is used for the account verification factor in two steps.

It is seen that in this last section you can activate the function that we were talking about the other day, of automatic deletion of the messages that come to us for this use.

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If we do not want to use this type of categories, there is no problem since there is one at the start, called All, that brings together the SMS that we have in the application.

This new feature is in development and has been seen in beta 6.8 of the Messages app but there are still at least a few weeks left for us to have it available in bulk on all Android mobiles.
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