How to create a website and host it with google docs

Google Docs is an excellent online text editor, collaborative, with a history of changes, export in PDF... He has almost everything, but he still hides secrets few know.

It has several functions that help developers create projects based on their infrastructure, and No code demonstrates this with a system for creating websites using Google Docs.

It is a platform, available at no code. works, that allows you to publish and host websites quickly, securely and easily manage, so that people can publish content online without using any publishing platform other than the well-known Google Docs.

About their birth, they comment:

Starting a hosting account and installing WordPress or trying to include a small amount of information on a beautiful state-of-the-art Squarespace website seemed like an exaggeration. Why can't people simply write their websites using tools they already know, such as a text editor, and then simply organize the pages and publish them as a site? And so No code was born as an idea.

What they have created is ideal for people who want to be able to publish information quickly and reliably, very useful for product documentation, blogs, intranets, portfolios or simple websites.

Each document is transformed into one page and with No code. Works can be shaping it to be published in the form of a website quickly and securely. They even have a free version, limited in space and bandwidth.

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