How to have Shazam in your notifications to recognize music faster

One of the applications to recognize music available in Spain is Shazam, an application whose quality is more than proven and that earned it to be bought by Apple itself. This, far from the app disappearing from Android, has finally served to keep it improving, eliminating its ads (in exchange for integrating some features with Apple Music).

While tools like the ones included in Google's assistant make staying relevant very difficult, Shazam has been working on features that, although present for some time, has taken centre stage since the release of the latest update. Having Shazam in a notification is one of these functions.

Shazam in notifications is as useful as you think

I recognize that since I'm not too musical, apps like Shazam have never been among my favourites. Still, among friends and acquaintances for many is a vital application, whether in a bar, in the gym or even on the street. His use of technology was almost unbeatable, although the user experience does have room for innovation. For example, making the process of searching for a song as easy as possible.

It is not that Shazam does not strive to provide its users as much as possible, since in that sense the application is exceptional. Shortcut in quick settings, automatic mode or a floating bubble are some of the best, but not the only ones.

Since the last update, Shazam has begun activating Shazam notification for everyone, a notification perpetually present in notifications and allowing us to have a shortcut. The function is in the settings and its name is Shazamear from the notification. If you tap on it, Shazam will start analyzing the sound without opening the app.

Once analyzed, the recognized music will appear in a notification that will be present until we delete it. If we re-search, the new music you identify will not delete the old notification but will create a new notification with the new theme. These notifications with recognized music will end up grouped, such as when many different people talk to you on WhatsApp or Telegram.

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