How to tell if your email will end in spam or not

To send an email and be sure that it will not reach the recipient's spam, several factors must be taken into account.

Not only does it affect the reputation of the sender (and the domain you use), it also affects email content, links, mail server settings, and other factors that need to be analyzed in detail to prevent message loss.

Today I present to you a web tool that can help with the topic. It is, and its operation is very simple.

As soon as we open the page we will see a unique email address, created especially for us. We will have to send an email to that address, and they will take care of analyzing whether or not the email we have sent has what it should have so as never to fall into spam.

The generated report shows the analyzed variables, indicating weaknesses and strengths so that we try to improve the appropriate variables before sending the mail to their recipient.

The example above tells us that the domain used has very little time to live (something typical in the spam world) and that our email is missing the List-Unsubscribe header. On this problem, they indicate:

Spam complaints are the number one factor that will impair your email's ability to deliver. The inclusion of a simple unsubscribe mechanism helps effectively prevent these spam complaints. Email service providers and spam filters also see this favourably when they make inbox decisions.

Among the functions offered we have:

– Blacklists: Check if our domain or

An IP address is blacklisted – Accessibility:

make sure everyone can view and read our emails – Email preview: we'll see what our email looks like on desktops, tablets and mobile

devices – Eye-tracking prediction heat map: to know which email areas are invisible.

Other functions include:

– Sender Policy

Framework – Domain Key


Mail –

DMARC – Reverse

DNS – Broken

Links and Short URLs –

Domain Suffix and Age – Unsubscribe Header List - HTML Body Best Practices

As you can see, we now have all the tools to know if our email has fallen into spam because of us or if there is another factor that needs to be analyzed.

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