How to turn on Facebook silent mode

Facebook releases Quiet Mode so you can take a break from social media -  CNET

Facebook is an application that issues a lot of notifications on Android, something that for many users is annoying. Because notifications can distract us and make us less productive and focus worse. Luckily, in April a new function arrived in Spain on the social network, the so-called Silent Mode.
Facebook Silent Mode is a kind of Do Not Disturb Mode, already known to users on Android, but it applies only to the social network. When using this feature, the vast majority of social network notifications are muted for as long as we have set, so that we do not mind.
This activates Silent Mode on Facebook
The advantage of this Silent Mode is that for as long as we set up, we will not receive notifications from Facebook on the phone. So we're going to be able to focus on any other task we're doing, without having to worry about these notifications. This mode will mute most of the push notifications that the social network issues on Android. The steps to activate it are:
  • Open the social network app on your phone.
  • Tap the three horizontal stripes at the top right.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy.
  • Descend to and enter your Time on Facebook.
  • Swipe through the options until you find Silent Mode.
  • Schedule Silent Mode.
Facebook's new 'Quiet Mode' option lets you turn off the app's push  notifications | TechCrunch
In this section, we will be able to manage everything related to this function. Both your activation or deactivation, as well as being able to choose the times or days when you will be active. We can also set a reminder so that the social network reminds us that we still have this mode if we have forgotten to disable it at some point.
When you open the Facebook app on your phone, if you have this Silent Mode turned on, it will remind you, in case you want to change this. Having this mode enabled, as mentioned above, most push notifications are muted, as well as notification points are limited. So it can be a good method if social network notifications bother you.

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