Huawei Mate 40 Pro Analysis: The Achilles of Mobile Phones

Analyzing a mobile usually takes us down a common path in all cases. Although in Spain what is sold the most are mid-range mobiles, the reality is that the way to analyze the high-end is no different, except in one respect: we are more demanding.

This is normal, as we are paying a lot of money and our expectations are higher.

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro can't be confused

Many manufacturers are looking for a visual identity that makes their mobiles iconic. Huawei has invested a lot in it and we saw how with the Huawei P30 Pro it achieved something like that with colour.

The aesthetics of the Mate 40 Pro take that further, not so much because of the colour (although there is one with changing light tones more striking than this grey), but because both it's front and back are unique.

On the back, the camera module is striking, circular, with the inside the same tone as the rest of the mobile.

On the front, we have a large diagonal screen with a generous perforation since in addition to the front camera it has to accommodate the depth sensor. But the most striking thing is possibly the double curvature.

Unlike other firms, Huawei not only moves away from flat screens but curves both the larger sides of the Mate 40 that it is unmistakable. The glass rotates no less than 88o, making almost four of the six sides of the mobile crystal.

However, we don't see the practicality of this, even though it aesthetically attracts a lot of attention.

A performance beyond doubt

Huawei has released the Kirin 9000 on this mobile, which could be its last processor because of America's veto. It's the first chipset we can test on an Android mobile powered by 5nm, the same one used by the Apple A14 iPhone 12.

The performance demonstrated by this processor is more than noticeable and is seen in benchmark testing. But, as we always say, that's not what's important. What's relevant is how you behave on a day-to-day, playing and using apps.

There we have to say that it does not go wrong, obviously, but the one that has 8 GB of RAM instead of the 12 GB that we see in similar price models, makes us have to twist the gesture.

The reality is that many users won't notice that difference, but when we use games like Genshin Impact we can squeeze all the components of mobile and there if we notice some differences.

There is no complaint in storage, which with 256 GB allows us not to worry about Huawei having removed the memory card slot.

We have to dedicate a part of the analysis to the biometric unlocking of this terminal. In addition to a fairly competent fingerprint sensor, the Mate 40 Pro maintains the facial unlock with a 3D sensor that had the Mate 30 Pro and does so without using a notch.

Here's the explanation for having such a large on-screen piercing. It doesn't unlock with the front camera, but maps our face with infrared rays, providing security that, to this day, only gives the iPhone.

Another aspect in which this mobile stands out is the sound. Huawei has implemented two speakers and has not put them where it is usually normal. Well, the main one does, next to the charger, but the second one is in the top frame.

It doesn't offer the same power as the first, but it's certainly much better than most mobiles on the market, except gaming mobiles.

The screen of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro is extreme

We said in the design section that the screen of this model was striking. It could be otherwise with a curvature of no less than 88 degrees.

This means that we have to touch it yes or yes when we catch it, but we have to recognize that there are no ghost touches. What we do have are shaded to green on the sides, especially with white backgrounds.

This is normal when we look at an OLED panel from a point of view that is not perpendicular to it, but here will always happen when we have the screen those steep curves.

As for the quality of the screen, we have to say that it offers a high sharpness, with a resolution that grazes the QHD, and with hdr10 compatibility.

Keeping the level in cameras... but with more competition than ever before

I remember when Huawei introduced the Huawei P20 Pro, a device that opened its new trajectory in the photographic section. In some respects that mobile was way ahead of its rivals. In others, their effectiveness made photos more eye-catching than true to reality.

Since then the company has been perfecting this section and we have already seen important steps with the Huawei P30 Pro in photography and with the Mate 30 Pro on video.

With the Huawei Mate 40 Pro, it has given me the feeling of being in front of an iteration of these mobiles, that this mobile is a reliable and competitive product, but that it does not stand out as much as its predecessors.

The main sensor of this mobile offers 50 Mpx, although by default we shoot at 12.5 Mpx. The quality obtained is good although more than a very high detail we get a faithful and real dynamic range. Huawei cameras have never been so close to Apple or Google's in search of a real, non-artificial image.

It is also worth noting the good zooming of this mobile, with a periscopic system of 5 magnifications. Although it is no longer uncommon to see a mobile with this technology Huawei is still one of the ones that use it best. Above all this is seen in colourimetry, very similar to angular and wide-angle.

And speaking of the wide-angle, here we have to talk about the video. Huawei has used this lens to make it your main camera when it comes to recording. By day the result is very good, but at night we see how the optical stabilizer is not able to keep the lights in the same place and there are slight movements. This happens on almost every mobile, but since we tested the Vivo X51 5G we can't say it happens at all.

On the front, we have a wide-angle sensor of 13 Mpx that by default will crop the image to give us more detail. When it detects that more people are on stage, it will expand the framing to accommodate everyone.

By day the results are very good, even on video, with a great dynamic range. But at night the quality drops too low, even if the camera software activates the part of the screen to serve as a flash.

Finally, we have to talk about the camera application, which maintains much of the settings of its predecessors although many of them encompass them in the More section, such as ultra slow-motion recording, something that Huawei still excels at, although we can only use the biggest slowdown at 720p.

Huawei continues to lead in cargo and autonomy

One of the most notable aspects of most Huawei mobiles is its autonomy.

Here we have a 4400mAh battery capable of charging at 66W wired and no less than 50W with wireless charging. It's not that we don't have a complaint, it's that this mobile is put first in this regard.

We've done arias of autonomy, as usual. When we use the refresh rate in automatic mode and take photos, play and use social apps, we get to rub the 6 hours screen with 30 hours of total autonomy

If on the contrary, we force the refresh rate of 90 Hz the figures are somewhat worse, although not too much. We arrive at 6 hours of the screen with 24 hours of total autonomy.

The problem with the Huawei Mate 40 Pro is the software

Despite that, there are details like not being able to restore a WhatsApp backup which for many will be a problem. For others not, I have to admit that most people I know don't value their mobile chat history.

Some games give bugs in some sections, such as Honkai Impact Third, although we can play without problems. These bugs are usually related to purchases within them because, when you don't use Google APIs, they are sometimes blocked.

But EMUI is not free of sins of its own. At a time when we see how manufacturers like Vivo or OnePlus try to decrease the number of apps pre-installed on their mobiles is very surprising that Huawei has increased the number of them. However, many are suggestions and those that are installed can be removed easily.

The Mate 40 Pro is the Achilles of smartphones

If the introduction of this analysis has left you somewhat surprised by the mythological reference, it is not your fault. It's a somewhat strange metaphor, but it's the best we've found to describe this device.

Like the Greek hero, the Mate 40 Pro can fight from you to you with many rivals and emerge victoriously. Display, battery, charging system, camera, design... in all the main aspects it can show muscle noticeably.

The problem is in his heel, as was the case with Achilles. A single weak spot that made anyone know how to hit him. In the case of Mate 40, Pro is the software.

As you have read in the corresponding section, the daily use of this mobile is very improbable and if that in an input range is difficult to manage, in a high range the demand is even greater.

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