Indispensable Chrome extensions that save you a lot of time

However, one of the classic problems is well known: there are too many extensions to choose from and many do not offer exactly what they promise.

If you want to be more productive while browsing with Chrome, you're sure to be interested in one of these extensions so you don't waste time.

Extensions make it easy to navigate and are especially useful if you work with your computer. There are all types, from those that correct the spelling to those that save passwords, load pages faster, clean the code, block advertising... In short, it is only a matter of knowing what our needs are and choosing the ones that suit us best.

However, one of the classic problems is well known: there are too many extensions to choose from and many do not offer exactly what they promise. But if you want to improve your navigation, they are a good tool, and we will help you in this aspect with a few that we have chosen.

We've selected 5 extensions that will improve your chrome navigation and help you save time and be more productive, want to know them?

Automatic eyelash closure

The Productivity Owl extension wants to push you to work fast and go exactly where the important thing is on every page you enter. The way to achieve this is by pressing know that the tab will automatically close to that of a specific time that can be configured. To avoid problems, you can also indicate exceptions to this practice, such as your mail manager or business page.

Improve Gmail

For those who think Gmail can be even more versatile and powerful, there is the Checker Plus for Gmail app. How can I improve Gmail with this Chrome extension? Especially in the deployment of options and the opportunity to do different tasks simultaneously, such as typing, reading, responding, archiving, marking as spam, moving messages to folders...

Accelerate navigation and equipment

This original extension ensures that the browser does not slow down when you have countless tabs open and achieves this by suspending those where it is not so that they do not work in the background. It should be remembered that many times the videos play, the advertising loads over and over again and other processes take power off the computer, with The Great Suspend this does not happen.

Custom screenshots

We all know how to take screenshots with a simple keyboard button, but thanks to the Nimbus Screenshot extension you can immediately customize the part of the screen that is collected to save time and not have to open an image editor to crop afterwards.

Better password management

LastPass is an extension that manages the passwords of each of the pages you enter and can share them with other applications. Also, it can generate especially complicated passwords to break whenever you want. In short, a good way to protect the most important information during navigation.

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