Instagram reels continue to copy features to TikTok

Just as Instagram once copied Stories to Snapchat, it now wants to do the same with TikTok's usability, and for this purpose has copied a new feature related to the ability to save and share the clips. And look, I'm not saying it's bad, all companies do it all the time, but it's still funny.

The case is that Instagram has added new audio features for Reels. Now we can save audio clips, share audio pages through direct messages and explore new sections like For You and Trends.

The goal is to make it easier to share and save audio clips. The latest update with the new features has already begun to be implemented.

On the one hand, we can share the Reels that use a specific piece of audio through direct messages on Instagram. You'll also have a new "Save Audio" feature, so you can save sounds within the app and use them for your own clips. All saved audio files will be located in the Audio folder in the Saved Posts section on Instagram.

Creators will be able to identify trending songs and clips more easily.

You can also mark songs within the app and revisit them later.

In an update last month, Instagram allowed users to create Reels for up to 30 seconds, rather than just 15 TikTok, so more elaborate content can also be made.

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