iPhone 12 Pro Max: Apple's new giant, in every way

Apple just introduced in its 2020 keynote the most powerful mobile in its history. The new iPhone 12 Pro Max debuts the demanded 5Gconnection, nowadays essential in premium high-end mobiles, as well as new camera sensors to implement optical zoom.

The larger size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max also allows you to insert a slightly larger battery inside, so it has a longer battery life, up to an hour longer than the new iPhone 12 mini. Optical zoom, HDR video recording and LiDAR sensor are the other great news.

As usual at Apple in recent years, it is mobile without great surprises, but with improvements and new hardware very attractive, even if its price is not available to everyone. Thanks to the 5G connection, with this mobile you can download at 3.5 Gbps and upload data to 200 Mbps.

Let's start by comparing the technical characteristics of the two Pro models that Apple introduced today.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the largest smartphone in the range. With its 6.7-inch screen, you'll have a hard time putting it in your pocket. It is 0.6 inches larger than the iPhone 12 Pro.

This year Apple has opted for a retro design with straighter edges. Even in its most premium model, the annoying notch or eyebrow is still present.

Apple has also announced a new crystal called Ceramic Shield. Glass particles are reinforced with ceramic to harden them, without losing transparency. At the back, it has textured matte glass and stainless steel structure. And it has IP68 protection against water and dust.

For Pro versions, you have opted for darker colours: gold, silver, graphite grey, blue.


If you like big screens on mobile, to watch TV shows or play video games, the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max won't let you down. Reach 6.7 inches with Super Retina XDR OLED resolution. With 2,532 x 1,170 pixel resolution and 800 nits (1200 nits with HDR)

The term XDR refers to Extreme dynamic range, which is how Apple calls the ability to generate more than 1 billion different colours.

There had been speculation that Apple first used a screen at 120 Hz, but ultimately it did not, staying at 90 Hz, which is still more than enough for all situations, even to play.

Processor and memory

Apple is very clear that regardless of its features, all iPhone 12s must perform at their best and that's why everyone uses the same processor: the new A14 Bionic made with 5nm technology. Thanks to this tiny lithograph you get more process power in the same space, less consumption and less heat.

With its 11.8 billion transistors inside, 6 CPU cores and 4 GPU cores, el A14 Bionic enhances the capabilities of artificial intelligence and the algorithm that handles Face ID, so facial recognition is faster than in the previous generation. According to Apple, it is 50% more powerful than any other mobile processor, both in CPU and GPU.

We don't know the RAM yet, but it has 128, 256 or 512 GB of storage. Only Pro models have the 512 GB option.

The most powerful optical zoom

If you've ever wondered what the Pro means on iPhones, here's the answer: it means you can take professional photos. The iPhone 12 Pro has the best cameras, and the Max, the largest pixel size and the best optical zoom in the range. With four cameras in total: three rear and one front, next to a LiDAR sensor.

The main sensor is a wide-angle with 12 MP and an excellent f/1.6 aperture. It is accompanied by a 12 MP wide-angle with f/2.4 aperture and 120-degree field of view.

The new 65 mm telephoto sensor has an f/2.2 aperture, allowing you to zoom 5X. Apple has also released a new hybrid zoom that mixes optical and digital zoom, using AI processing called Deep Fusion. This achieves a 12X hybrid zoom.

In the improvements section, Apple has explained that the new main sensor further reduces noise, improves focus, and especially performs better night photographs. The new sensor captures 87% more light and has 47% larger pixels. The Optical Image Stabilizer is also new.

Another novelty is the new lidar sensor that, similar to autonomous cars, serves to detect the distances of objects. It will be used mainly in augmented reality and in creating volume in photos.

Apple has also released a new photo format it has called ProRAW. It contains all standard RAW information in addition to Apple's image processing data. So you've already solved noise reduction and multi-photo exposure settings, and you can focus on retouching the colour and white balance.

As for the front cameras, mount a single 12 MP TrueDepth sensor with f/2.2 aperture and intelligent HDR 3. It has advanced Bokeh effect and video recording mode with HDR10.

HDR, also on video

The iPhone 12 Pro Max debuts the possibility to record video with HDR Dolby Vision, up to 4K at 60 fps, an option that we had not seen until now. Thanks to this you get much more image quality in scenes with light-dark (where there are blacks and whites), night scenes and other scenes with contrasts.

This HDR enhancement can only be seen on a screen with HDR technology, like the iPhone itself.

Fast wireless charging

The battery of the iPhone 12 Pro Max allows for greater battery life than the iPhone 12 and especially the iPhone 12 Mini.

But the big novelty is 15W wireless fast charging with MagSafe technology. In the end, we can forget about the cables to charge our iPhone, at an acceptable speed.

It is a magnetic wireless charger that attaches to the back of the mobile, from outside the case, or inside the case itself. With this accessory, you can recharge your iPhone wirelessly, with fast charging at 15W.

It also has Qi wireless charging at 7.5W and wired charging at 20W. The mobile is charged at 50% in 30 minutes.

However, both the wireless charger and the cable charger, this year they are sold separately...

A premium mobile at a price... Premium

Apple doesn't usually include big differences between its different models, beyond improving hardware a bit. And this year has also maintained the tradition.

You won't find new features in the Max, compared to its younger siblings, but you will find a little more of almost everything: more screen, better cameras, more autonomy... The decision is yours.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max can be booked on October 16 in Spain, with prices starting at 1,259 euros.

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