It's now easier to share drive files from gmail


If you use Drive for your collaborative work you will find a new dynamic that will make it easier to share files and manage permissions.

So far, when a user requests permission to view or edit a file we need to resort to Drive to manage the necessary permissions. But this process will no longer take place once the new update is implemented, as we can do so from Gmail.

Yes, from the email that Drive sends to our Gmail account notifying us that a user requests permissions. As you see in the image, this will be a dynamic email that will allow you to select the level of permission that you want to enable (visualization, editing, comments) and even leave a message.

So you'll have the request box we usually see in Drive directly in your Gmail inbox to complete without leaving your email. This will save you from having to open the Drive app or document in the web browser to complete the process. A fast and simple dynamic that will work on both iOS, Android and the web.

The Google team mentions that this type of email will have this email address as the sender: So if you get used to using Drive to share files, point to that address so you know it's the medium Google uses for this dynamic.

This new feature will be gradually implemented to all users from today.

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