Keyboard simulator, a website where you can design different mechanical keyboard

Keyboard simulador

In the area of design utilities, we have tried a free website that allows you to change the entire design aspect of a mechanical keyboard.

This alternative can serve you, either to relax and try different colors for a keyboard or also to design your next keyboard for your computer. Watch out for everything you can do with Keyboard Simulator.

As it is not a cheap purchase, it is best to study the best designs and colours available so as not to make a mistake. For this, there is Keyboard Simulator, a website that will help you get to the specific point you are looking for.

Everything You Need to Know About Custom mechanical Keyboards - Tested

Keyboard Simulator, a page to customize mechanical keyboards to taste
Entering into the matter, Keyboard Simulator is a website that allows you to design and customize virtual keyboards, going directly through the color, style, finish, and the body of the keyboard itself. In addition to this you can choose different color palettes provided by the community, or if you don't create one yourself, what you think best.

Keyboard layouts can also be chosen from a bunch made from scratch by other users, thus adjusting directly to what you consider your style. On the key side, there are also a few advanced settings, such as choosing the colour of them and using a tester, which counts the time while testing the keys and your typing speed.

Build Your Own Mechanical Keyboard Project: What you need to get started

Multiple distributions can be tested, from the complete distributions (100%) even the most compact ones like tenkeyless, 60% or 40%, in addition to tying up to 12 different layouts, which leaves considerable freedom for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

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