Lenovo IdeaPad Creator 5, analysis and opinion

 Análisis Lenovo Creator 5

We have been using the Ideapod Creator 5 for several weeks as the main equipment for both writing and playing and we tell you the good and bad of this new Lenovo laptop that has a spectacular display with a high refresh and a very good colour calibration. But is that enough to convince us?

We love technology and, that’s why when we get a device from those “futurists” or with top-of-the-range specs, we’re looking forward to trying everything it offers. However, many times we are more surprised by those mobiles, laptops or gadgets that, a priori, do not attract attention, but when you have on your hands or in your day to day, you do not want to let go.

That is precisely what has happened to us with the Lenovo IdeaPad Creator 5, a laptop that, beyond its screen, does not stand out at all, but which knows how to surprise by balancing all its components (both internal and external) its great virtue.

Without further doubt, we tell you our opinion of the Lenovo Creator 5 in this analysis.

Análisis Lenovo Creator 5

Design with very traditional lines and interesting details

No shrillness. I think that’s what best defines Creator 5. It is a tremendously solid laptop that does not opt for the RGB keyboard, which has no avant-garde textures or attention-grabbing elements beyond a smooth polycarbonate lid with a matte finish that has a ‘dark moss off’ colour. We don’t say it, we say it, Lenovo.

On that cover, we have a metal label with the Lenovo logo on one side... and nothing else. On the sides of the computer, we have a USB Type-A on the right side next to an air outlet. On the back, we have the name ‘Creator Edition’ screen-printed on the plastic and the air outlet slots are covered by the screen, unfolding when we open the lid.

On the right side, we have the status LED, a USB Type-C that does not allow us to charge the laptop, another USB Type-A, the HDMI, the proprietary charging port, a 3.4 mm jack for the audio and the RJ45 port.

It’s a very sober laptop. And inside we have more of the same. When we open it, we see a full keyboard, power button and 15.6" screen. The frames are generous and we don’t have a fingerprint reader to protect the computer, something that would have been great, but I like the detail that the webcam has a tab that we can move to cover it up when we’re not using it.

Análisis Lenovo Creator 5

Its great value is the balance between the processor and GPU

Let’s talk about the guts on this team. The processor is the Intel Core i7-10750H, a newly released processor that is built in a 14-nanometer lithograph (in which Intel appears to have pinned) that features 6 cores at 2.6 GHz with a boost of 5 GHz and 12 wires.

It is a very powerful processor, something that demonstrates in benchmarks and the day to day in applications and games that ‘pull’ a lot of CPU. This processor is accompanied by 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and the GTX 1650.

In this case, the processor is the strong point of the set, as it is the most powerful ingredient. In day-to-day tasks, we have no problem and we can edit 4K video without a problem, as well as edit batches of heavy photos and perform tasks that need SSD speed because we have a speed of 2,210 MB/s read and a write of 1,077 MB/s.

It is, as in the rest of the laptop, balanced hardware that does not put stones on the way when it comes to working. Many times we see laptops with a very good processor, a good amount of RAM and a GPU at the height, but slow SDDs that, in the end, are a bottleneck in our workflow.

That doesn’t happen with this computer and the catch is that we have 512 GB of storage. Clearly, it falls short, but the good news is that we can open the computer with ease to add more RAM or change the PCIe M.2 SSD. or expand with a 2.5" SSD/HDD thanks to the built-in bay.

Análisis Lenovo Creator 5

We can play 1,080p with good parameters, although not at 144 fps

And since we have a GPU that we have already tested in the past, we have installed some games to see the performance of the Creator 5 in this area. Yes, you don’t need a PC to be a ‘PC Gaming’ to play on it and the truth is that we have quite a few good numbers on this unit.

We can play FullHD resolution with a very good frame rate per second, although the quality of the graphic parameters of each game depends on it. StarCraft II is a title that pulls a lot of CPU and GPU when there are many drives on the screen but usually allows us to play at its best in all visual parameters.

Análisis Lenovo Creator 5

Generally speaking, the Creator 5 behaves very well in games. At the CPU level it goes well because, really, your Intel Core i7 is quite powerful and, although it’s not an HK drive, those games are almost mostly scheduled for consoles with a much less capable processor.

The GPU is the one that puts the most problems when it comes to uploading textures or shadows since we are talking about a mid-range on laptops with little 4 GB of video memory, which directly affects parameters such as the resolution of textures.

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