LG Wing, contact and first impressions

LG has just launched in Spain the innovative Wing device with which the company continues to explore new formats. We have already seen it with its housings that included a secondary screen and this time we see how the device itself integrates a screen under the main one and once it slides the top screen is in the form of a "T".

The format is the least curious and allows you to view multimedia content on the 6.8-inch home screen and continue browsing or viewing your Twitter or Instagram feed.

We have literally received it and left you our first impressions of it below while we test the different features and novelties that it brings with it and that we will turn directly into our analysis.

LG Wing is a thick and heavy mobile with a very original swivel screen

This terminal is a large mobile, with the main screen size, and swivel, 6.8 inches and a total thickness of one centimetre. The integration of two screens, its hinge system and 4,000 mAh makes its weight reach up to 260 grams.

This design has a pro and is that by swiping from the lower-left corner to the left of the terminal, the screen rotates, and stays in landscape mode.

In this way, we can use a secondary screen of 3.9" G-OLED practically in square size. The interesting thing is that you can use it with that screen at the top or bottom or on the sides, keeping the big screen upright.

The initial quality of the screens has seemed good, they are OLED screens with almost infinite contrast. However, you'll have to pass our Laboratory tests to be able to comment on both the brightness they offer and the quality and colour accuracy. At first glance they seem to be high-quality screens, at 60 Hz of soda, that's for sure.

In terms of design we are not convinced by the glossy finish of the back, however, LG has included a matte housing. We have to see the evolution of the operation of that hinge that rotates the screen since it seems to dampen when it reaches the end and when it comes to returning to the origin, but we do not know the durability at the moment.

This type of design makes it impossible to seal and protect completely against water and dust and stays in IP54, splashing.

Performance similar to LG Velvet and highly optimized software for dual-screen

In specifications, we are seeing how this LG Wing has opted for the same platform that we saw on the LG Velvet. At the moment we haven't passed the benchmarks but we've already seen above the installation and launch times of applications and we're not wrong to make that claim.

One thing that has shocked me is the small lag that there is when it comes to swiping the screen and launching that little Home with optimized apps at the top and the app menu at the bottom. We'll have to see if it's something that improves in a software update or if it becomes something annoying on day-to-day life.

We are liking the possibilities offered by this mode since we can even use the main screen as a support to have a large keyboard and write your messages, emails, etc. faster.

We have to take a thorough look at all this integration in the analysis, so, first of all, we have seen that there is no interaction to pass between screens when there are different applications, A+B mode.

Cameras: 64 Mpx, double wide-angle, periscope front camera and curious gimbal mode

Here we have a camera configuration the less curious. On the front, there is no camera and the front is flaky at the top and slips up with a resolution of 32 Mpx f/2.0.We not only see the main sensor of 64 Mpx with f/1.8 aperture and that allows us to get photos of 16 Mpx in Pixel-binning mode.

There is an ultra-wide-angle double:

  • 13 Mpx f/1.9 as normal wide-angle
  • 12 Mpx f/2.4 as a wide angle of Gimbal mode.

Let's talk about this Gimbal mode because it's the less curious. It's not a gimbal as such, the camera doesn't move physically, but it takes the video from a FullHD frame of that 4K wide-angle and slides it all over the 4K image. This way you can move the point of view without having to move the mobile to a certain degree.

When you open the camera with the screen already rotated it always opens in this Gimbal mode.

We look forward to being able to thoroughly test the cameras because in this mode the possibilities of making soft panning and even tracking an object or person without having to move the mobile open.

Availability and price of LG Wing in Spain

LG WING goes on sale on November 1st in Spain for 1,099 euros and, as a gift, the company gives us a 49" LG Smart TV – model 49UN711. A.

We set ourselves directly to try this LG phone with which the company has courageously put on the market a new format that can set a trend for the future.

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