Microsoft edge will bring free video calls of up to 24 hours, among other new features

From what I read on some social networks, many users who took the move from Chrome to Chromium-based Microsoft Edge are delighted with their performance, to the point of staying at Edge as their primary browser.

Since its release earlier this year, Microsoft Edge based on Chromium has been rapidly climbing positions to become the second most popular browser behind Chrome, Net Applications reflects.

Behind this success is Microsoft's continued work, from which it has not come to rest for a single moment, and thanks to it now come new features. One of the most important, frequently requested, is the support for the table of contents for PDF documents. Well, the new version of Edge will start supporting the table of contents to allow users, especially business users, to access any point of the PDF files directly.

The new version of Edge also integrates as standard its new screen capture tool, making it easier for users to capture everything that interests them of a website, after selection, being able to even take a full capture of the web at a click away. Once you have the screenshots, you only have to save or share them.

Edge also arrives with support for other theme stores, such as Chrome; integrates a product price comparison feature across different retailers within collections, for now with support for U.S. retailers; it completes the integration of Pinterest Pin suggestions into the Collections feature, and is even launching its Bing Rebates refunds feature in the United States for purchases made with refund offers included.

Free video calls, the most interesting novelty of this update

But the most interesting thing is, without a doubt, the integration of Skype throughout this month, to offer from the home pages a button called Clicking Meet Now, which generates an invitation link that will allow users to invite up to 50 more contacts to a video call session, without the need for registration or download of applications, being able to be up to a maximum of 24 hours, competing heavily with Zoom and Google Meet in a year heavily dominated by video calls.

Microsoft tries to compete by offering as much time capacity as possible for free against the two rivals mentioned above, who are most committed to accommodating more participants within the sessions.

Best of all, Microsoft tries to boost Skype video calls in other of its products, promising its arrival also in Outlook on the web and the Windows 1o taskbar over the next few weeks.

The war on video calls remains hot, so sooner or later, some of the above will have to respond so as not to be left behind, and the strong competition continues to be generated in this sector, which is becoming the beneficiary of the current pandemic situation.

All these new features can be enjoyed by both private users and business users and will help Edge strengthen its position in the market as the best current alternative to Chrome.

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