Mobile support, with built-in charger and speaker, what's new in Belkin

Belkin continues to make its way into our market. He's already introduced headphones and a Google assistant with a wireless charger included, and now he's coming up with a pretty handy stand.

This is the Wireless Charging Bracket + BOOST-CHARGE speaker, now available on Amazon for 55 euros.

The objective of the company is clear, to reduce the space we have at home by offering as little volume as possible functions.

In this case, it is a comprehensive solution that allows us to charge the mobile with fast wireless charging up to 10 W. Charging is Qi compliant, and although they say it's optimized for iPhone and smartphones from Samsung, LG, Sony and Google, we've been able to test it with other brands without a problem (even with plastic cases, up to 3mm thick).

Charging is done with the mobile both horizontally and vertically, we just have to put it on the stand and check it. We can also configure the Bluetooth speaker, on the same stand, so that it will be possible to have a high-quality sound (10 Watts of power) while watching multimedia content or making calls.

The size is small, 110x102x106 cm, and weighs only 110 grams, so it is quite portable.

It also includes a built-in microphone, making it ideal for hands-free calling (it doesn't have enough quality to make a podcast, but it's enough for common use).

Nothing technologically innovative, but very practical, of course.

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