Music and exercise: the perfect combination to get in shape

Music changes your mental state and motivates you to cope with workouts more intensely. With Huawei's Connected Health ecosystem, your devices work together to help you get in shape.

Music and training have long been going hand in hand to motivate athletes to obtain the best results minimizing the feeling of fatigue.

Numerous scientific works have explained the benefits of accompanying sports activity with music that marks a certain tempo to stimulate a mental state more receptive to effort and improves the segregation of endorphins providing greater well-being.

Also, it has been shown that during training the pulsations are synchronized with the tempo of the music that, if heard at a high volume, improves concentration, increases the intensity of blood pumping and muscle endurance.

Your slippers, proper clothes and animated music

Who hasn't ever felt in the mood and, after listening to some animated songs, has changed their motivation?

That motivating effect is the one that leads us to recommend you create a playlist with animated music to accompany you during your workouts. However, not all types of music work. It is advisable to use songs that maintain a tempo of between 90 and 130 BPM (Beats Per Minute) to stimulate the heart to reach that same heart rate making training more efficient.

That's why it's important to take care of this aspect during your workouts so, just as you select your shoes, clothes or the routes you're going to do in each session, you should equip yourself with a pair of sports headphones, and prepare your phone with the right playlists to perform to the fullest in each workout.

Songs like Eminem's Love Yourself or Beyoncé's Single Ladies are perfect for starting training as they use a tempo of 88 BPM and 97 BPM respectively, while to reach the training peak titles such as I'm sexy and I know it from LMFAO or Don't stop me now from Queen with a tempo of 130 BPM and 154 BPM are recommended.

If you don't want to get too complicated, you can choose specific playlists created in apps like Huawei Music, where you can find playlists with the right tempo for your workouts.

A soundtrack for your workouts with Huawei Health and Music data

Huawei has created a complete ecosystem of products and services with the sole aim of helping you lead a more active and healthy life. But we're going in parts.

To know what your average keystrokes are during each point of your workout it is best to bet a sports monitoring system like the one proposed by Huawei Watch Fit.

This smartwatch has been designed to monitor sports activity while motivating the user to maintain a healthier lifestyle for all levels: from those who think that any time is good to fulfil their New Year's purposes, to the professional or semi-professional athlete who gives everything in each workout.

Huawei's Watch Fit syncs with Huawei's Health app installed on the brand's smartphones and clearly represents all the data collected during training.

That way, you can clearly see your keystrokes at each point in your workout and design custom playlists to perform at your best at all levels.

At first, it is advisable to use songs with a slower tempo to warm up and upbeats. As the peak of beats is reached, the music can push it further with more moved themes, to slow down the rhythm of the music again as you lower the intensity of the workout.

Turn up the volume and improve your concentration with Freelance Pro

Also, experts believe that listening to music a little louder than usual during workouts also benefits concentration by increasing the feeling of isolation. This is where using a quality noise-cancelling sports headset makes all the difference.

One thing scientists don't take into account is that next-generation sports headphones like Huawei Freelance Pro feature dual active noise cancellation, so you don't need to put them at a higher volume to achieve a suitable sound insulation level or to improve concentration.

Huawei Freelance Pros are designed to offer maximum freedom of movement thanks to Bluetooth connectivity; the best sound quality thanks to the 14 mm controllers and a range of up to 24 hours of use.

The headset reaches its highest levels of efficiency by integrating into the Huawei product ecosystem. For example, when synced with a Huawei P40 Pro smartphone, the Huawei Pair feature is activated for much faster and more robust pairing to prevent disconnections during training.

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