Netflix withdraws the first month of free trial and move it to the second month

From now on, all new Netflix subscribers will have to pay in full for the first month on the platform. They will be given the second month as a measure to encourage their stay in the service.

It is customary between the different streaming platforms to give away a trial period so that new customers can spend some time exploring their catalogue. If you haven't found anything that interests you before the end of that period, you can easily unsubscribe without paying a penny.

Some platforms like HBO only offer a 14-day trial, while Netflix took a whole month to test its series and movies and attract more viewers. This free plan is over, the company announces that it will no longer give away that first month of use.

Everyone who wants to watch Netflix will have to pay from the start. In return, the company proposes to give away the second month. With this technique, they try to keep new customers longer and see the whole catalogue more, instead of leaving before the end of the first month so they don't have to pay.

Indeed, this decision had already been made in Spain a long time ago, however, the novelty comes at the international level. Other countries will have to pay the first month as some new Spanish subscribers have already done.

Subscription plans, on the other hand, remain the same as you can see on the official Netflix website. There are up to three different categories with different qualities and functions that vary the price:

  1. Basic Plan: 7.99 euros (One screen at a time, from any device, the entire catalogue available)
  2. Standard Plan: 11.99 euros (Two screens at the same time, from any device, the entire catalogue available, HD)
  3. Premium Plan: 15.99 euros (Four screens at the same time, from any device, the entire catalogue available, 4K HDR)

In addition to the second free month, Netflix is also promoting its platform between different countries with completely free content. It has sometimes released a free first chapter of a premiere series to facilitate the arrival of new customers on its platform.

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