Not very brief Android summary of the introduction of the new iPhone 12

Apple is next to Xiaomi, one of the most desired companies in Spain, and that makes every presentation event of new iPhones a memorable date if you love technology. There's nothing new in pricing, and Apple's new mobiles are still as prohibitive as any premium terminal we also see on Android, but it's always good to know how the range that has proven to be the benchmark on several occasions evolves.

At the event, we met four new mobile phones and one speaker. Our colleagues at Omicron have made an excellent coverage of all the news of all these devices, and if you want to know all the details in depth we recommend reading their articles. On the other hand, if you are interested in knowing the most interesting details of the keynote but in a summary and light-hearted way but without losing the objectivity that we are trying to show, stay with us.

If you understand English well, you can also watch the presentation video. It's well assembled and they tell you greatly, although you're going to waste an hour, so put an appointment on your calendar almost.

HomePod Mini: Apple's cheapest smart speaker has a lot of good and bad things

The design of the HomePod Mini is a pass, it is a fabric sphere with a small aperture for a circle of light that lights up and animates to chat with us.

Inside it has two speakers and a computational sound system that adjusts adaptively several times per second to work optimally. Apple is usually very good at audio, so we want to listen to it.

As for music services, it has Apple Music, Podcast, access to some radio applications and support for uns specified third-party services that will arrive. We assume that Spotify will be among them, and if not you will lose many points.

The HomePod Mini works with Siri, and thanks to the S5 processor it's faster than ever. It's still Siri, light years behind Google Assistant or Alexa, and while they haven't specified much, it seems to still be linked to many of Apple's apps and services. If it's like the original HomePod you'll need an iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad), so if you don't have one you lose a lot of points.

If you have an iPhone with UWB (iPhone 11 or 12 and its Pro versions), a popup of controls will appear when you zoom in.

One novelty that has caught the attention of this device is communication via Siri. From your iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Carplay, or any speaker, you can send a voice note directly to your home speakers, either to give your child a touch of attention without screaming around the house. Up to this point, it is not much different from the Google speaker function known as "Announce". The novelty that Apple has put in is the possibility that someone can respond from the speaker, entering into a great means of communication for the home.

iPhone 12, more expensive, better and with a mini trick

All iPhone 12s leap 5G, it's the news of the moment and a big leap in technology. Tim Cook highlights several important aspects of these mobiles, such as speed, latency and technological opportunities. It also mentions security and privacy as having enough speed not to connect to public networks. In the latter or you have been very excited or public Wi-Fi networks in the United States are very good, or your 4G is very bad. At least in Spain, with a good 4G rate you have more than enough to not need to connect.

As the 5G spends more battery life than 4G, Apple has invented a system that dynamically changes between one connection and the other for the best autonomy and always maintains optimal speed. Promise, but prudence, we'll have to see how it's going.

Apple A14, the processor we met with iPad Air. It's just as fast, and although ProMotion (120 Hz) displays still don't reach the iPhone (at least in this generation they've made a big leap in quality) it's an ideal mobile for games like League Of Legends: Wild Rift, a game that will reach Android as well and that according to its own creators on the new iPhones is played spectacular thanks to its performance and 5G. I don't doubt it, but we're not fooled by such statements with so many other high-end Android mobiles as well.

The cameras are still at 12 megapixels, although the size of each pixel is larger. Apple's computational photography style is similar to Google's and is based on taking multiple shots with varying exposure levels, so sensor choice is right. Smart HDR in version 3 makes the most of the A14 processor and night mode not only improve but works with all cameras. The iPhone 12 is positioned as the first iPhone whose low-light selfie is no longer woeful. We'll have to see if he can be decent.

Ceramic Shield is the new crystal created in collaboration with Corning. Apple claims it's the toughest crystal, but we've already seen this movie. It's only a matter of weeks before we watch videos of people smashing their new iPhone 12s to the ground.

Magsafe is probably the best thing about the iPhone. If this name rings a bell, it's because it's the iconic magnetic charger that's spent years on MacBooks and saved the lives of many of these laptops. MagSafe is an improvement that complements the current wireless charging system with magnets but does not replace it, as these mobiles are still compatible with Qi chargers.

Magnets for what? Well, for all kinds of accessories that apple and other manufacturers can think of. The invention of MagSafe for iPhone is itself an opportunity to box with the sale of accessories (which are usually high priced until imitations arrive). However, it's really cool and let's not rule out users who spend more money on MagSafe accessories than on the iPhone itself. And I don't blame them, I would too.

A secret briefcase has been taken out at the event to prove something that only Apple does, a small smartphone.

And they're right. The iPhone 12 Mini features a 5.4-inch display that, thanks to its reduced frames and 19.5:5 aspect ratio, is smaller than the iPhone SE, which for many is the reference mobile. It is the most compact 5G mobile on the market, by far.

Between the increased consumption of 5G antennas, I would look at this terminal very carefully since in such little space there will not be much room for a large battery. It is anticipated that it is not only the smallest 5G mobile by far, but the 5G mobile with the worst autonomy by far, and that is that physics and internal space are what they are. It may still surprise you, but if you're interested in waiting for reviews.

And the design of both is very nice. Straight lines that on a personal level I consider much less ergonomic but a nod to the most iconic design lines of some iPhones. I shine in the blue colour and from here I send a message to many Android manufacturers. Copy it, please.

iPhone 12 Pro: all the good things about 12 and more

Same lines as iPhone 12, but here there are no waivers in size. In fact, in the same size, they have stretched the screens from 5.8 to 6.1 inches and from 6.5 to 6.7 inches. The screens again set new brands in quality, but no trace of ProMotion, so we continue in a sad 60 hertz.

Camera Enhancements Pro. Apple ProRAW format, a format that combines the collection of RAW photography information with computational photography. High-quality results without sacrificing the ability to have the best post-production by not losing any information.

In video recording, in the absence of waiting for reviews, it is surely the best mobile to record video on the planet. There is no 8K, although as we have already mentioned in capable mobiles, it is also not worth it and we continue to recommend 4K recording more. In addition to being at 60 images per second, HDR recording with 10-bit colour depth arrives. The camera is certified by Dolby Vision and you can record, edit, play and share videos in the famous HDR format of the film industry. Probably the best thing about this cell phone.

The price remains at 1159 for the Pro and 1259 for the Pro Max. This year at least the minimum space part of 128 GB, the 64 last year were of shame. Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is now a more expensive mobile than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Without a doubt, a very complete and hard rival mobile of those already present and those who are to come for next year.

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