Panda Security gets the highest note in the AV-Comparatives test

The Panda Free Antivirus security solution has successfully passed the latest AV-Comparatives tests, confirming that it can detect 100% of the threats and thus achieving the maximum degree of detection in the security tests of this Austrian organization.

AV-Comparatives is an independent organization that for years has been offering a system to test the different antivirus solutions that exist for PC, Mac and mobile devices. In this way, they confirm, or not, what each security company theoretically promises.

These tests include the Real-World Protection Test, which subjects antiviruses to a real scenario similar to what would affect the average user during their browsing and use of the Internet on day-to-day. AV-Comparatives uses a set of 380 real cases that come from malicious URLs and hidden download systems that eventually lead to malware.

The best antiviruses tested

After testing the different antivirus solutions, it is confirmed that Panda Free Antivirus is fully adapted and offers full protection against attackers and malware in real life.

This new result joins the one already confirmed by AV-Comparatives in its Business Security Test, more security-focused in the business environment, where having a good security solution is vital. The organization tests 19 industry-leading brand security products for Windows servers over several months, pitting them against thousands of recent malware samples to see their behaviour.

Panda Endpoint Protection Plus reached 99.9% in threat detection and blocking, achieving even 0 false positives. This test measures effective protection against real threats, particularly in attacks targeting corporate environments.

On the other hand, it also faces hundreds of cases of all kinds to see how they behave in the face of the growing wave of ransomware that we have experienced in recent years and how they become an ally in preventing and protecting such attacks.

You can find all the details and download Panda Free Antivirus on its official website for any of your devices.

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