Prepare another alternative to google play

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Google Play is the app store par excellence. Maintained by Google, it is the site that guarantees the existence of almost all android apps on the market, except those that do not comply with its policies, since those are deleted and can only be found in the form of APK files on the Internet.
That's the difference with the Apple store, android apps can be found as loose files or file packs, and technically speaking, they can be installed without having to access any store, making it possible to have alternative stores to Google Play that collect diverse apps.
One of the best-known cases is that of Huawei's app store, Petal Search, highly talked about since Huawei phones can't have Google products, but there's more. We have apkpure or amazon shop, for third party image reference
Now it's in India where an alternative is cooked. About two weeks ago, India's main financial services app, Paytm, was expelled from the Play Store, and although it came back a few hours later, it generated a lot of noise in the country, uncomfortable, because of Google's dominance in this sector. There is now a consortium of local technology start-ups exploring the option to launch a Play Store alternative that frees it from Google's control.
In India the vast majority of smartphones work with Android, so they depend on Google completely, without Apple. There is now a group of companies, such as MakeMyTrip, Policy Bazaar, and Share chat, that is working on the alternative, and want the government to monitor and ensure "application neutrality" according to net neutrality third party image reference
Currently, India's Indus operating system already maintains an app store that hosts many local apps on, backed by Samsung, but it seems that what they're up to is something much bigger.
It is such a huge market that any movement made in India will affect everyone, so it is better to be vigilant.

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