Roar, the new cooking robot that costs $30,000

You can now order Miso Robotics' latest kitchen robot for $30,000 |  VentureBeat

ROAR is not a robot of type Thermomix or Mambo, it is something much more sophisticated presented by the company Miso Robotics, announced now as already commercially available.

They are acronyms for Robot-on-a-Rail and can cook up to 19 foods. It is mounted on a built-in upper rail, to avoid interfering with human personnel in the restaurant. It differs from the previous model, Flippy, in that the arms hang from the rail, in addition to being compatible with more food categories.

It aims to help staff with workflows through a dashboard displayed on a 15.6-inch robot-mounted touchscreen. The sensor allows you to identify food and temperatures while learning how to reclassify new foods introduced into the system.

You can now order Miso Robotics' latest kitchen robot for $30,000 |  VentureBeat

It is currently priced at $30,000, but they believe they can reduce it to $20,000 through a monthly fee of $1,000 per "robot as a service" that includes regular upgrades and maintenance.

Robots in the kitchen
That robots work alongside human workers can reduce costs. The robot can beat eggs, cook food and perform more repetitive tasks, while human cooks focus on creating and details that need a brain and skill that a robot doesn't have.

The previous version, Flippy, had fewer categories of cooking foods. Now there's almost everything: chicken wings, chips, waffles, cheese sticks, sausages, popcorn... you have even learned to cook certain burgers that require special handling due to their texture and thickness.

You can now order Miso Robotics' latest kitchen robot for $30,000 |  VentureBeat

The robot has an entrance area that can receive manually loaded baskets and a security shield that protects kitchen staff from fryers. They also have more cameras and sensors, it tracks inventory and has a very fast learning process, 30 minutes in some cases.

The same company managed to serve more than 15,000 burgers and more than 30,000 kg of chicken during 2019. ROAR will soon serve burgers at more than 50 CaliBurger locations worldwide and has already been implemented at CaliBurger and White Castle in Pasadena, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and Chase Field in Phoenix.
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