Samsung has created the ultimate keyboard for your mobile: EXTREME CUSTOMIZATION

One of the most notorious arrivals in Spain to the Samsung ecosystem is the addition of Good Luck. Good Lock is a set of applications that allow us to customize the One UI customization layer in various aspects.

If you ask me, modules like Theme Park have already made it my preferred customization layer. If you use the Samsung keyboard, from now on you will love it even more, because you will be able to customize it to the limit with Keys Cafe.

Keys Cafe fulfils your dream of having a customizable keyboard

If you have a Samsung upgraded to One UI 2.5, this is one of the modules we recommend yes or yes to virtually anyone. Its name is Keys Cafe and allows us to edit the Samsung keyboard to the fullest. Whether it's adding a simple shortcut, changing the order of a key, or designing your keyboard completely, you can do it.

The first thing you'll see in Keys Cafe is the possibility to create your own keyboard, customize it or open a game to practice our writing. Make your own keyboard is where we can create our keyboard.

It is recommended that you press the + button to create a new keyboard and never delete the initial so that you have the reference layout to return to. Once inside we have several boxes and a drag-and-drop interface, in which we can add characters, emojis,pel holder actions and even phrases.

On the other hand, if you press on a key you can change its size or add special functions when holding down.

In Style your own keyboard you can add colour themes and keystroke effects to your keyboard, either the effect of pressing a physical key or adding colour effects. The possibilities are endless.

Although it is not the keyboard that you would use in the day to day, it serves to see very visually the possibilities that this module brings and see that, in fact, it allows you to do whatever you want.

Please note that to enjoy Keys Cafe it is necessary to have your Samsung mobile updated to at least One UI 2.5. If you have the Samsung Good Lock app installed on your phone, give the bottom tab known as Family a shortcut to its download should appear. In case you don't have it, you can download it from the Galaxy Store, the Theme Park module is also required to modify the colours.

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