Satellite internet, anywhere in the world, for $99 a month

That's the goal of SpaceX, Elon Musk's company that already has hundreds of satellites to give Internet access to anyone anywhere in the world. The service is almost ready, and the prices are already known: $99 per month, although you have to pay about 500 initials to get the necessary kit for the connection, information obtained through an email forwarded to CNBC.

Intending to provide coverage to everyone by 2021, the satellite network already offers coverage in the United States and will have coverage in Canada even this year. Since they opened the beta on their website, there are already 700,000 people interested in having something like this.

Just log in and email and address, when there is coverage in our area, we will be notified.

With the initial kit, we will have the satellite dish for connection with satellites, a tripod to put the antenna and a WiFi router that will offer speeds of between 50 and 150 Mbs, with latency between 20 and 40 ms over the next few months, numbers that will improve over time.

The idea is that we take the kit wherever we want, that we put the antenna with the tripod on the ground and we can enjoy the Internet anywhere in the world.

The mobile app, for both Android and iOS, will help:

  • Identify the installation location that will ensure the best quality of service
  • Check for obstructions that may interfere with the service 
  • Configure Starlink hardware 
  • Check the WiFi connection 
  • Run speed tests 
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues 
  • Contact support

It is clear that it is not smoke, there is a powerful service behind, and surely prices will go down over time until there comes a time when everyone will finally be connected.

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