Skullcandy Crusher Evo, analysis and opinion

Nowadays it is very difficult to differentiate, it seems that everything is invented and that the margins of innovation are very scarce, so it is always pleasant to meet brands that decide to risk something different. This is the case of these SkullCandy Crusher Evo, a supraaural type headset that will only get your attention if you dare to try them.

Nowadays it is very difficult to differentiate, it seems that everything is invented and that the margins of innovation are very scarce, so it is always pleasant to meet brands that decide to risk something different. This is the case of these SkullCandy Crusher Evo, supraaural type headphones that will only get your attention if you dare to try them.

You'll think that "dare" is too presumptuous a verb, but I assure you that it is not, I have analyzed many such headphones throughout my career and I can assure you that the Crusher Evo experience has not left me indifferent.

Sober design for a fun experience

These Crusher Evo are an evolution, as the name says, of the Skullcandy Crusher ANC and hold many similarities with the Skullcandy Venues that we analyzed a few months ago, although those two models have an active noise cancellation system (ANC), something that Crusher Evo lacks. As compensation, the EVO has other advantages such as an improved Sensory Bass bass playback system and custom equalizing.

Aesthetically, except for the brand's logo skull that we find on both sides of the headband are very sober headphones. The black colour is the main set that breaks with the grey of the inner pad.

The construction and touch of the materials are outstanding, transmit very good sensations. The hinges that allow folding and turning for when worn hanging from the neck are robust and respond well to bending and twisting without transmitting the risk of breakage.

The headphones fold inwards making it easy to store. To do this instead of the typical and bulky cases included a very sturdy nylon bag, with the interior covered by a very soft fleece-style lining, and a curious closing system employing a buckle that can serve as a handle. 

The touch is slightly gummy, although pleasant, and the footprints are not marked as is often the case in other similar materials. At first, I thought that they could be a problematic material for possible scratches, to check I did some tests in un visible areas and the material is quite resistant to surface scratches that can occur with everyday use.

I have not liked the velvety coating of the upper part of the headband, a kind of felt that I personally believe does not contribute anything to the design and is a magnet for lint, besides I find it susceptible to show signs of wear by rubbing not long past.

The headband has up to 10 opening points per side, ensuring a correct fit to all heads. The fit is good and the pressure on the ears is correct thanks in large part to the good padding of the pads, lined in synthetic leather and can be easily disassembled.

Overall the Skullcandy Crusher Evo have been quite comfortable for me, after several hours of use I have not felt excessive fatigue and discomfort of consideration beyond those usual in this type of headphones. The most annoying thing is the weight, you do not notice so much when you are standing working in front of the computer, but yes when you move, for me its high weight excludes them as an option to do sports or go to the gym.

Accelerate that they come in serious

As usual, the controls are distributed on the back of both earbuds, for easy accessibility. On the right side, we find three large buttons arranged vertically, the top and bottom buttons serve to increase and decrease the volume respectively with one press, and to move forward or backward from the track with a long press. On the other hand, the centre button, recognizable to the touch by having a small gap, allows you to pause and resume playback.

On the left side is the on, off and pairing button, with an elongated shape of eye-catching orange colour, and a slider to adjust the intensity of the basses that I prefer to talk about in the sound quality section. At the bottom, a little lower is the USB-C charging port.

The location of the controls is correct and their response good, not so the touch. The 'click' of the button presses resonates inside the headphones which in addition to annoying does not transmit very good sensations. This issue could have been largely fixed with a second slider for the volume, not only had a lot of keystrokes been removed, but it would also be much more comfortable.

I also miss an accelerometer that pauses and resumes playback by removing or putting the headphones on the head, many manufacturers omit this functionality, and personally appreciate it especially.

So you don't get lost

Skullcandy Crusher Evo features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity compatible with SBC and AAC codecs, unfortunately not with better aptX or LDAC in terms of sound quality. It also does not allow multipoint connections, so although it may be linked to multiple devices the connection has to be established manually.

Setup is easy and fast, and stable connection at all times and no appreciable latency when playing youTube or Netflix video audio on various devices, I tested with Android, iOS, PC and Mac and had no problem.

They also have an audio input, if we have problems with the wireless connection, the sound source is not compatible or we have run out of battery, we can always resort to it using the 3.5 mm jack cable included.

Like much of SkullCandy's headphone family, the Evo has a built-in TILE locator. If we lose sight of them we can, through an app installed on our smartphone, know the location of the headphones using a high-frequency sound if they are within the range of Bluetooth action of the mobile, or see the last known location on a map in case it is outside the range

An extremely fun different experience

We reached the important moment of this analysis of the Skullcandy Crusher Evo, their sound quality. In general, I can say that they sound quite good, albeit with certain aspects to nuance.

The first thing is definitely the bass control or Sensory Bass if your thing is the low frequencies directly you will hallucinate with these headphones, if on the contrary you are more than moderate experiences and taste the nuances I already confirm that it is not what you are looking for.

With certain musical genres, it is enough to slightly slide the bass control, no more than a quarter of its travel so that your ears begin to tremble because of the effect of the haptic motors incorporated next to each of the 40 mm drives, and I do not speak figuratively. It's like being at a concert right in front of the speakers.

The effect is incredible, and the basses are the most powerful I've ever felt in headphones, but as that famous ad said "no power without control", a sentence that comes to even paint to these Crusher Evo.

With this, I don't want to throw away much less the bass control, in fact, I love the ease with which you can put a 'chute' of energy to certain topics without opening any application.

Even with the Sensory Bass to a minimum the basses still have an appreciable presence, but without masking mids and treble. High frequencies surprise, while the stockings are somewhat duller and the separation of instruments is somewhat confusing. Despite this, the set is really well-matched and can be described as good.

They are not the headphones I would recommend to a sound lover, but I think the brand also does not think it is the audience it intends to reach. If we add the extra that means being able to enhance the bass to our liking the proposal is certainly interesting and very fun.

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