So will the calls and video calls on WhatsApp web

Known is that WhatsApp has been working for some time on the implementation of their audio and video calls, today present only in their mobile edition, also in their web version.

The release of a new beta version of the client of this facebook sister app recently gave us some lights on what this future update will eventually look like.

For some time now, WhatsApp has stopped profiling itself only as a text messaging application, becoming a comprehensive solution that combines a variety of practical communication mechanisms.

Even among the most popular functions of their systems for making voice calls or video calls, these worked exclusively from the WhatsApp version for mobile phones.

With the advent of the new multi-device mode of this service, which is supposedly just around the corner, the same WhatsApp account could be used on more than one device at a time, independently of mobile. Such a transition would extend the scope of these communication channels from more devices.

As part of this transformation process, a new beta version of the desktop client of this popular messaging tool would already have this integration.

The news comes from WABetaInfo, a site specialized in this application, from where they share a first visual preview:

The screenshot above this paragraph shows how notifications of receiving a call from your computer will eventually look. For its part, the header image of this note illustrates what the window unfolds during the development of calls from the computer is like. It is appreciated that this box emulates in a certain way the appearance of the controls of a call made from the mobile, which would make the use of this function friendly even for in-experienced users.

According to the report, this function reaches WhatsApp Web in its version 2.2043.7, integrating similarly to the mobile app support for both types of call, having their respective controls in the upper right corner of each chat's header bar.

From this site, they also confirm that the extension of this feature to the desktop client also contemplates both regular calls (between two people), to group calls, as in its mobile version, supports a maximum of 8 participants, either in voice or video calls.

In the event of no official announcement, no specific date is known for the formalization of this launch. However, the WABetaInfo report notes that you wouldn't have to wait that long for your arrival on WhatsApp Web, probably in the coming weeks.

With these changes, subtle in appearance, but very powerful in terms of utility, WhatsApp will take a new course that will consolidate its leadership in the area of everyday communications.

Given its extension, now projected under a cross-platform lens, this mobile messaging service, owned by Facebook, will be promoted as a better alternative to applications such as Skype or the like, which at the time were the main reference for establishing communications from a computer.

According to its own statistics, WhatsApp hosts nearly 2 billion users around the world. Therefore, as long as this new stage is implemented without startle along the way, it would only come to reaffirm its leadership position in the area.

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