Sony is going to stop selling games for these consoles

Some come and some leaves, the arrival of the PS5 will cause Sony to stop selling games permanently for some consoles.

The world of video games has long held its breath at the arrival of upcoming consoles. Each new generation is an event and gives for a lot of discussion about the features that will be offered or, as we have lived, the design with which they will be sold, but these releases also have an important consequence: that games stop being sold for previous consoles.

Sony reportedly sent an email a few days ago to the developers it works with to report changes to be made before the launch of the PS5 in November, telling them which products will cease to be sold. Engadget now states that the same email is also being sent to users.

Soon you won't be able to buy PS3, PS Vita and PSP games from PlayStation Store, these products will be out of the catalogue and anyone who wants to get hold of them will have to find another way to get them.

As announced, there is already a planned date for the upgrade. The email sent reported that changes to the web will arrive between October 21 and 26 for those browsing through a computer; mobile users will see the update starting October 28.

Besides, from Sony they have also decided to remove the Wish List from PlayStation Store and this tab where games are saved for future purchase or to check how prices vary will no longer be available. New ones cannot be added and saved ones will be deleted.

All of this is not linked to the loss of games already purchased or the data, games and any aspect that influences them, but will be limited to games that are not available. These will no longer be available through that route, anyone who wants to continue using the PS3 with new ones, will have to look for a different way to get hold of them.

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