The 5 best watch deals on Amazon Prime Day

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As we have done with Android mobiles, we have collected those that we find the best deals for watches that you can buy on Amazon Spain during the 13th and 14th of October, that is, during Prime Day.

We have looked at the smartwatches that have lowered the price or that have the best value for money to select them.

Smartwatches without apps
In the first section, we have placed the models that can help us get notifications from the mobile, measure our physical activity or control the heart rate, but in which apps cannot be installed.

If we look for the cheapest we have to select the realme Watch for 29.99 euros, a watch that we analyzed a few months ago.

If we want something more powerful a good choice is the Huawei Watch GT Sport for 79.90 euros. Finally, if we value being able to speak for the watch in hands-free mode, we better go to the Huawei Watch GT 2 for 129 euros.

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Watch offerings with complete operating systems
If we want some more power, more possibilities, but also less autonomy, we can look at the Samsung Gear Sport for 99 euros, which uses Tizen as the operating system.

If our goal is to have a watch with Wear OS, the old Android Wear, the most discounted option is the Fossil Smartwatch Gen 5 for 159 euros.

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