The best free programs alternative to PowerPoint to create presentations

If you want to make a presentation and don't like the limitations that Powerpoint has, we present some very interesting and easy-to-use tools.

Microsoft Office is by far the most popular and used office program worldwide, but it's not the only one. Word, Excel and PowerPoint have free alternatives, similar applications that also serve to create your text documents and presentations professionally and without any problems.

Today we're going to focus on these free programs like PowerPoint to create worthwhile presentations, especially if you're not willing to pay for an Office license, which is that like all Microsoft programs, it costs money.

Although if you have gotten used to MS Office you will find it difficult to leap at some other alternative, it must be clarified that all of them are of quite quality. Companies as important as Google drive and update them, although they dominate Open Source projects.

Of course, these apps are among the most outstanding programs for Windows and Linux, although it can also be accessed from macOS. You've probably used at least one of them on one occasion, so why not give it a full-time chance? If you are not satisfied with the websites to make online presentations, these are good options.

In this case, we have selected four free alternatives to PowerPoint, some of them online, with which you can create your presentations from your computer and even from a mobile device. If you want to see the first one, read on.

Google Slides

Its name reveals all the mystery: Google has an app like PowerPoint to make presentations, and for free. It is available in various forms, both online through its website and in the form of an app for iOS and Android, and is fully functional.

Few things are missing in this program as it is quite complete. It is part of the same network of services as Google Docs, Google Sheets and even Google Drive, and this company has very good applications that cover almost all the basic needs of users.

One of the advantages of this online application is that it allows you to open files in Microsoft PowerPoint format. It quickly converts them to yours and they are usually seen perfectly. It can be installed as a plugin in Chrome and used directly as if it were a standalone program on your desktop.


The etheric rise that Genially is having in recent times is easy to understand to anything that is used. Dynamic presentations, easy to make, thousands of buttons and audiovisual options... The limit with this tool is in the user's imagination.

On the same Website of Genially, you can open your account and start creating the presentation you want and then download it in the format most according to your needs. Within a few minutes, you will see that this tool conveys a feeling of being very modern and dynamic so that you can play to your liking in the presentations.

If you want to get the most out of it, we have compiled an article with 5 tricks that will be very useful to you, but first of all, you must be clear that this program is very simple to handle, so you should not be afraid of it.

LibreOffice Impress

We now come to a program like Microsoft Office, PowerPoint included. Today and with permission from some other alternatives, LibreOffice is the best office suite that you can download for free. It is available for all operating systems and is Open Source.

It comes pre-installed as standard on many Linux distributions, although on Windows or macOS you have to download it directly from its website. It includes a Word-style word processor, a spreadsheet program like Excel and of course a free application to make presentations like PowerPoint.

You cannot install LibreOffice Impress separately: you must install the entire suite, even if you are not using the word processor.

In the same line is moved Apache OpenOffice Impress, another Open Source program that includes various text applications, spreadsheets and presentations.


Finally, which is probably the most popular alternative to PowerPoint: Prezi Desktop. It has gradually gained in several users for its ease of use, its online version and above all for how showy the templates it offers for free.

Like Google Slides, your creations are saved so you can access them from any computer and browser, so if you're going to make a presentation in class you don't need to carry any documents on you, just Internet access.

Gradually other free applications like PowerPoint are eating terrain in terms of design, offering more and more default templates to create your slides.

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