The best tricks to save when shopping on Amazon Prime Day 2020

It’s two days in total offers, October 13th and 14th. During those 48 hours, there will be more deals than ever on Amazon,

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At this point, Amazon Prime Day is well known to all online shopping regulars, although in 2020 it is not celebrated on its usual date, but in the middle of October. This occurs due to the COVID-19, which forced the company to delay the event of its big day.

It’s two days in total offers, October 13th and 14th. During those 48 hours, there will be more deals than ever on Amazon, even more than on Black Friday, so it’s probably a good time to buy what you were waiting for it to drop in price.

There are so many variations and so great the catalogue that sometimes it is difficult to find something that is at a really good price, although to help you differentiate, we have compiled some tricks to save on Prime Day 2020.

Needless to say, in we will be especially attentive to what happens in these two days, in which there will be cross-cutting reductions thousands of products.

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Common mistakes and tips for shopping deals

Sign up for Prime

That these days have been dubbed Prime Day is no coincidence, much less: only Amazon Prime users, the paid service of this online store, can access the offers.

However, you can register in the free trial month to benefit from the discounts, since because you do not commit to staying you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Also, it not only allows you to access Prime in the online store but the entire Prime Video series catalogue, where there are some very prominent titles.

Amazon Prime Day 2020: the best early deals ahead of October 13 | TechRadar

Take advantage of Amazon’s promotions on its services

Several Amazon Prime Day offerings have been available for a few days, mostly affecting the services that the company itself provides, almost all digital.

Here we have collected some of them that you are sure to be interested in, and that is that they constitute real bargains in many cases, such as the possibility to listen to music almost free for four months.

Eye to refurbished products

Amazon has a category that many of its regulars do not know and that can give many joys, that of refurbished products. They are products that have already been sold before but that was returned for a variety of reasons.

They can’t be sold as new, so juicy price reductions apply to them, and that in many cases they haven’t even been opened or used, but the buyer rejected them for having found another better price or for defects in the packaging.

They have a trial month during which you can return them for free if you are not satisfied with their quality, plus a one-year warranty from the store.

Refurbished people are usually one of the prime day’s best bargains because they are charged a 20% discount on the market price, although it is not confirmed that this opportunity will be repeated in 2020.

Tips and tricks to shop Amazon Prime Day 2020 in Canada

The products of the moment, a key to detecting good prices

There is a way to know when a product has dropped a lot of prices, and it is that it starts to sell like doughnuts. This data by Amazon lets you know in the Products of the Moment section.

They are items that grow quite a bit in sales in the last hours or minutes, a kind of trending topic of in-store sales.

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