The next Pixar film will also be released directly at Disney+

Following the release of Mulan, Disney will also bring its next big movie to Disney+ without going through theatres.

Cinemas keep getting bad news. In a nefarious year for his business where the pandemic has forced the theatres to close for months and after a limited-capacity reopening and few major releases, the situation worsens further following news of recent weeks: delays in Dune, The Batman and other super productions and now Pixar will release his next film directly at Disney+.

The soul was the premiere that Pixar had prepared for November. But since it's not going to get back to normal, they've decided to delay it by a month and launch it directly at Disney+. Looks like the producer doesn't want to hold her until the situation improves and she's going to release it this Christmas.

For Disney+ subscribers, we need to comment on the good news that you will arrive directly on the platform without going through the Premier service or similar formulas, not as happened with Mulan. It will be free for subscribers, you won't have to pay to see it.

For months it has been heard that Disney will bet in its new era to bring only great hits to theatres, a situation that will go much further from the pandemic. Anything that doesn't smell like success assured at Disney, Pixar or Marvel will go through other distribution formulas. Risky look that won't do cinemas any good.

Although not expected to be a huge success, a Pixar film always works at the box office and family-focused releases have been greatly reduced over the past few months, so it could be a relief to the box office, but eventually, it will be attempted to use it to strengthen Disney+ service.

This will serve to give more value to Disney+, which removing The Mandalorian doesn't seem to have too many new features to release for subscribers, many of them accustomed to the crazy pace of other platforms. Since Disney+ have been shown as premieres Artemis Fowl, Hamilton and Mulan, novelties that have not come to please everyone either.

As the dates approach, we'll talk more about Soul, but for now, we're left with this news: the multinational's commitment to release its next disney+ movie directly on Disney+. We'll see how long this lengthens.

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