The RTX 3090 can break passwords by brute force

It is a real "beast" that occupies three slots and needs an 850W power supply. It's designed for gaming, but it's so powerful that it can break passwords by brute force.

There are many ways to steal an account password. The most basic is brute force: try all the keys, one by one, until you find it. And the RTX 3090 is so powerful that it can be used to break passwords, according to experts.

A good robust password consists of numerous letters, numbers and symbols, which result in billions, even trillions of combinations. Even if we use powerful hardware capable of performing millions of tests per second, it would take years to test all combinations until you find the password that works. That's why in practice brute force rupture is barely used, except with weak passwords.

However, the enormous power of the new RTX 3090 card makes experts believe that it could be used to break password in a reasonable time.

Passcovery is an application designed to try to recover passwords that you have lost or forgotten, by brute force. Use the power of your graphics card to test combinations and try to figure out the keys. It's much easier if you remember any part of that password.

The problem is that it is also used by cybercriminals to try to steal accounts, and this is where the enormous power of the RTX 3090, with its 24 GB of memory and its 35.6 TFLOPS of computing power, can play in its favour.

Passcovery has recently added support for new RTX cards to its software and has tested the most powerful of all, the RTX 3090.

And what you've discovered is really troubling. What used to be science fiction now becomes a real possibility.

An RTX 3090 can break a password in an Office document or ZIP file in a matter of hours or days if it is not a strong password.

As ExtremeTech explains, with Passcovery version 20.09 and with a relatively modest graphics card such as a GTX 1060, which is worth around 250 euros, it has gone from 660 million to 3.4 billion combinations per second, simply improving the software, when you try to break a password from a ZIP file.

Considering that an RTX 3090 is between 5 and 7 times more powerful than a GTX 1060, with this card you can reach 24.5 billion combinations per second.

Even if a password has billions or trillions of combinations, it can end up breaking it by brute force. Especially when there's no hurry.

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