What are Windows 10 PowerToys and what this powerful tool is for

What Are Windows 10 PowerToys and How to Use Them

We let you know what PowerToys are in Windows 10, and also how you can take advantage of each of the tools on offer.

Giving the user the option to be able to customize Windows 10 in much more depth is certainly a very thankful feature, and in addition to the options that we already have in the operating system, we can make use of the PowerToys calls that will sound to you if you have been in the world of computing for a few years.

PowerToys were born in the 1990s as small software tools that Microsoft made available to the public for free and that allowed us to further customize the operating system. The old ones were accessible by downloading them one by one, but the current PowerToys come under a single application.

Well, to download the PowerToys tool for Windows 10 you must access its GitHub page where you can find it for free. At the moment you can’t be in the Microsoft store because you’re still in an early phase, but you never know what’s going to happen in the future.

To download the latest version of PowerToys simply go to the Releases area near the top right of the home page.

Windows 10 PowerToys: A cheat sheet - TechRepublic

Once you have it downloaded and installed, you can right-click on the PowerToys in the Windows 10 notification area or through the Start menu, and then select “Settings” from the pop-up menu.

In this pop-up menu, you will notice that on the left you have each of the options and tools available, being able to configure each of them.

Generally speaking, this is what each of the tools offers:

Color Picker is a tool that allows us to obtain six-digit hexadecimal code so that we can customize certain areas of Windows 10 knowing the colour that we will have as a result.

FancyZones will allow us to create window layouts for different usage and multitasking scenarios.

File Explorer Preview will provide us with different switches to enable the preview of SVG files within the previous pane of the file explorer.

Image Resizer enables us to input within the context menu for all types of image files allowing us to change from there the size of one or even several images that we have selected.


Keyboard Manager adds another switch but this time it will allow us to reassign the keys on the keyboard or even make all kinds of shortcuts.

PowerRename adds a context menu entry that will allow you to bulk change the name of all the files you have selected.

PowerToys Run is a kind of quick launcher that is very similar to the run command window, but much faster.

Shortcut Guide gives us a list of keyboard shortcuts that appear on Windows 10 when you press the Windows key for a certain time interval.

There’s so much more you can explore, but broadly speaking, you know how to download the central app and how the main tools work.

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