WhatsApp about to launch a new option that will make you live much quieter

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Soon you will be able to silence forever any WhatsApp group to which you belong, a way that we will have to get rid of any group without having to leave it.

If you're a person who literally hates being in a WhatsApp group and you have to be muting them from time to time, now the latest WhatsApp beta has included that feature you've been waiting for: mute WhatsApp groups forever.

While WhatsApp groups can certainly be interesting, in most cases they end up being a mix inconvenience, and while so far we can silence them for eight hours, a week, or an entire year, a stricter option was missing to safeguard our privacy.

Well, the latest beta version for WhatsApp,, has included the possibility that we can silence any WhatsApp group not only for eight hours or a week but also "forever" so that we won't have to worry about that same group again.


The inclusion of the "forever" mute feature replaces that of "one year", which is basically the same, but without ever having to worry again. It's a way that WhatsApp will have so that the user doesn't leave a group and just mute it forever.

Other new features included with version is the new design of the storage usage options where we can view the space that WhatsApp occupies within our mobile phone, and also know what files have been shared with us and what they occupy. We can also see the conversations that weigh the most in case we want to eliminate any. This option is not new, but it looks like it is now being implemented with this new beta version.

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The third feature included with this release is the feature called "media guidelines". Basically, it is a new tool within the editing of images, videos, and GIFs that will allow us to easily align all the stickers and text when we are editing.

Notice that all these new features are not yet in the stable version, but they are likely to end up being available over the next few weeks, so just be a little patient.

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