Windows 10 fails to defeat Windows 7 that is still more alive than ever

The latest data on operating system market share leaves some really amazing data: Windows 7 grows, Linux plummets and Windows XP still has an interesting presence.

The operating system's market is one of the hardest to understand and surely Microsoft is still explaining why a large set of users continue to use older operating systems like Windows XP or Windows 7, even improving their market share over the past month.

Windows 7 is an example that the user community decides when an operating system is dead and is not dictated by a company when it no longer has security updates. Although Windows 7 no longer has support for security updates since January this year, it has improved its market share over the past month to the detriment of Linux following a worrying downward trend.

If Windows 10 has proven to be a great operating system, albeit, with some problems with updates, its growth in the market is not being entirely rapid and more considering that since its release on July 29, 2015, it is currently present on 61.26% of computers.

The slow growth and acceptance of Windows 10 are because operating systems like Windows 7 still boast a huge market share, especially in emerging markets. However, Windows 7 is worthy of admiration, as its share increased from August 22.31% to 22.71% in September, at growth similar to that experienced by Windows 10.

Data published by NetMarketShare reveals that Windows 7 not only resists dying, but even slightly improves its share in the last 30 days, and in fact notes that from January to September the system has lost only 2% of its market share. Windows 7 was present in January on 25.56% of computers and is now present at 22.71%.

What is worrying is the fall of Linux that while it improved ostensibly with the beginning of the pandemic, now as many more companies return to face-to-face work, it is losing importance in favour of Windows 10. However, the fall was due, as market share on Linux fell by 50% last month. Linux is currently present on 1.14% of computers, up from 2.33% in August.

Mention aside note that Windows XP is still there, and as of September 2020 it still has a 0.78% market share, and those are thousands and thousands of devices that are still using it.

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