Windows 10 will allow you to sync your clipboard with android

Convergence between devices is an increasingly specific feature, especially for those who spend an important part of the day using more than one device to work, study or perform any other type of task.

After a long period of time outside the mobile world, Microsoft has stopped seeing Android as an enemy and with updates like this, they bond harder to communicate the mobile devices that use this operating system with a computer running Windows 10.

This is a Windows 10 update that is quick to release, with no specific dates at the moment. It will improve the mechanism under which your clipboard operates in the cloud, adding the ability to copy and paste text, photos and more types of content, between mobile devices running Android and computers or other devices working with Windows 10, either in that sense or the other way around.

This new feature opens up a wide range of possibilities for sharing content between devices running these two operating systems, which concentrate the widest user shares in their respective markets. This would start to pay off a debt that was left unfinished after the discontinuation of Windows 10 Mobile a while ago and offer, by the way, an experience similar to that provided by iOS and macOS, systems that in aspects like this integrate perfectly.

This enhancement would apply specifically to a universal clipboard function (no official name known for now), intruded in Windows 10 during 2018, which until now only operates between devices linked to the same Microsoft account running the same operating system.

The extension of this feature to Android will be done through the Swiftkey keyboard, developed by Microsoft and available for free for download. Therefore, to make use of this function once released, it will be essential to have this app and make use of that keyboard to be able to properly synchronize the clipboard.

The scoop came from windows latest, a portal that ensures through a report that this feature can already be found in the Swiftkey app beta for Android. The mobile application, in addition to joining this synchronization system, would also take other known functions of the recently updated Windows 10 clipboard, which allows you to store a history of it, including in addition to text, images and gifs; and also, it has the ability to store up to 25 frequently used texts, to have them permanently by hand from the clipboard.

Microsoft's Swiftkey keyboard, characterized by its ability to type based on the act of swiping your fingers over the keyboard, as an alternative mechanism to traditional click, is also available for iOS. However, reports known to date show no sign of any similar nods in the iPhone or iPad app.

It should be remembered that this is preliminary information and Microsoft does not yet issue an official announcement. Given this, as well as the news outlined here could appear soon and as is, they could also take time to appear, completely reformulate and even end up dismissed.

Times have changed. Just as Microsoft for some time made peace with Linux and even began to integrate into the open-source world, today Android more than being a shoestore for the company founded by Bill Gates and one of its flagship products seems more to be a key ally for the times to come.

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