Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, first impressions and contact

Impresiones Xiaomi MI 10T Pro

We have been with Xiaomi's new range cap for a few days and we tell you about our sensations, first impressions, and opinion of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, a mobile that reaches armed to the teeth with top-end features in virtually all sections.

Xiaomi has just introduced its new mobiles to further appeal the mid-range and mid-premium range. It is a Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite that comes to compete from the 279 euros and the Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro. The three mobiles stand out for battery, SoC power, and screen refresh, and we have been with the Xiaomi Mi10T Pro for a few days to make some first impressions.

We didn't take too long, as the mobile came to us last Monday afternoon and we have had less than two days of use, but it is enough to give you a first impression in a way that we certainly appreciate. And most of the time these first impressions occur after spending an hour or two with the mobile in an event, but now we have had the phone for several days and at home with our apps, taking photos and with realistic use.

Large and with a spectacular 144 Hz display in its range
And let's start with the design. We are looking at a mobile that has a considerable size with a thickness of 9.33 mm and a weight of 218 grams. It is something that can be seen in the pocket, especially if, like me, you come from more compact and lighter mobiles (the Pixel 4a in my case, which is almost the extreme).

"Bulge" in the pocket and you can tell that we carry it, but really in the hand, it is very comfortable thanks to the curved edges of the back and rounded corners. Speaking of the back, we have a very dirty glass finish. Our color is bright gray and all fingers stay.

Impresiones Xiaomi MI 10T Pro

Being 2020 the year in which we are seeing so many mobiles with matte finish or texture, it would not have been too long, but Xiaomi continues with these bright backs.

The camera module excels at its own, although I must admit that it is attractive to have the main camera as an absolute protagonist at the top of the module. Otherwise, we find the 5G logo in chrome-plated color... and little else in this rear, which we can protect with a fairly sturdy case included in the box.

On the sides, we do have quite a few elements. For starters, the fingerprint reader is on the right side, integrated into the on/lock button. It is not the location that I like the most, but I understand that it cannot be on the screen is an IPS panel and that Xiaomi thinks that the module on the back is something of 'lower class'.

On the top, we have the infrared port and different microphones. The call headset functions as a speaker and there is another speaker at the bottom, next to the calling microphone and USB Type-C.

I don't like the location of the lower speaker because I plug it when I take the phone horizontally. The way to fix this is... turning the cell phone around, though for me it's not natural. And the front camera is in an on-screen hole.

Impresiones Xiaomi MI 10T Pro

But let's move on to the screen, as it is one of the four pillars (along with SoC, battery, and main camera) of the device. This is a 6.67" IPS panel with FullHD+ resolution. Xiaomi continues with the more than exploited FullHD+ resolution, but here we have a surprise in the form of speed.

The panel has an adaptive refresh rate that goes through 30 Hz, 48 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz, and 144 Hz. That is, let's look at some contents at 144 Hz, and we say "some" because that's what it's about that it's an adaptive soda.

If the application supports 144 Hz, the panel will be set to that rate (if we set it that way, of course), but if a game only goes to 90 Hz for its programming or a YouTube video goes to 30 or 50 Hz, the panel adapts.

This is to save battery life and to avoid possible unwanted artifacts in images when playing at a non-native refresh rate. If we do not need 144 Hz, as they are not activated and the mobile consumes less battery.

It's a smart solution, but the truth is that when we're in apps that support that very high refresh rate, scrolling is an absolute taste. And yes, we can force the adaptive refresh to be up to 60 Hz, up to 90 Hz, or up to 144 Hz in the configuration.

Impresiones Xiaomi MI 10T Pro

You don't have to be OnePlus for everything to go very fast
And what do we have to feed that 144 Hz beast? Xiaomi has marked a 'Little' and mounted the Snapdragon 865 on the terminal. It is not the '+', but for the vast majority of users, even for the most advanced, the 'normal' version is more than enough.

The SoC is accompanied by 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and ROM with UFS 3.1 standard and the feeling next to MIUI 12 (and Android 10) is that the system... Flies. It's really amazing how fast this mobile is going.

MIUI 12 has little things that I don't like, like not having an app drawer, the new model in which it shows notifications and shortcuts separately, some decisions like duplicating google and Xiaomi apps... but the truth is that in speed it's spectacular.

A generous camera module with a huge main sensor
The camera is one of those points that we can't test in conditions on first impressions when we attend an event. We can take photos to see the interface, but not pass them to our hard drive or have a variety of situations.

In these two days, it's also not that we've been able to do a photo craziness, but at least we've been able to record an 8K video and take some pictures with the different sensors.

Before leaving any examples of the camera, we should say that it is a section that we will touch more detailed in the analysis of the Mi 10T Pro within a few days. With the policies images we've been able to take and the limited variety of situations, we can't have a guess, but we can form some ideas.

Photographs with the primary sensor are good if the light is not very complicated. Both indoors and especially outdoors, the camera and processing are good. They sin somewhat saturated colors, but in general, it is nothing that can not be fixed afterward. or leave it to our liking on the phone itself.

At night, the effect of streetlights is not well defined, causing flashes, but the overall detail is good. Here are some examples below with both the main and the wide-angle and macro:

Xiaomi MI10 T Pro cámara preview

The front camera takes images with good sharpness, although it is true that when we apply portrait mode. Still, the cropping is good, the textures are lost in part, something typical in Xiaomi.

5,000mAh battery that is greatly appreciated
Although we're looking at phones with 5,000 and 6,000mAh batteries, it's not standard on the market and we're still around 4,000. However, Xiaomi has not trimmed in this important section on any phone, but especially in one with an SoC like the Snapdragon 865 and with a screen of 144 Hz.

Although we've only been with him for two days, the 5,000 mAh has already left us with a very good taste in our mouths. We have had the active terminal from 8:00 from Tuesday to 11:00 today without any charge, with 6:55 hours of the screen and with a usage that has not been light: Call of Duty Online, social networks, YouTube, a half-hour of the game by streaming to xCloud, camera tests, two hours of connectivity with true wireless helmets and permanent Bluetooth communication with a smartwatch.

In this first contact with the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, the sensations have been very good in autonomy, since the screen is configured with automatic brightness and at 144 Hz, so the terminal has been "butt" all this time and has allowed us to stay a full day without missing the plug.

Impresiones Xiaomi MI 10T Pro

Regarding charging, it includes the 33 W charger and in the tests, with Battery Logger we have to charge 50% in 24 minutes and 100% in 63 minutes. It's not the 'crazy' 65W or 120W charge Xiaomi has on other devices, but having 100% of the 5,000mAh in just one hour is not bad at all.

The Mi 10T Pro promises to be one of the most complete phones of 2020
And we concluded these impressions of the Mi 10T Pro confessing that I have been thinking about another Xiaomi phone for a few lines while writing about it. And when we analyzed the RTX 3080 we said that we felt sorry for anyone who had just spent more than 1,200 euros on a 2080 Ti coming out the 3080, higher in everything, for 500 euros less.

It's not the same case because there's not such a beastly price difference, but I can imagine the face of someone who just bought a Little F2 Pro, a very good phone, and now this Mi 10T Pro arrives for 599 euros in the 8 GB ram version and 128 GB of storage.

It is a phone that has everything, a priori, to succeed in the premium mid-range: almost the latest processor, good principal camera, battery for more than a day with demanding use, and charging in an hour at 100%, and a screen up to 144 Hz.

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