Xiaomi's commitment to innovation materializes in the Mi 10T Series

Xiaomi has recently introduced the Mi 10T Series, a family made up of three smartphones that capture the brand's legacy of innovation.

Today, for Spanish users Xiaomi is synonymous with good devices with excellent value for money. The technology brand has just turned ten years old, and in this time it has been able to do things right, offering consumers good quality products at tight prices.

While Xiaomi is a giant with a huge catalogue of all kinds of devices and products of various categories (more than 2,000 products), the mobile phone sector is one in which it stands out most. And this is reflected in the data: according to a study the specialized consultancy Canalys, in the first two quarters of 2020 Xiaomi has been the number 1 mobile manufacturer in Spain by volume of shipments.

In the first quarter of 2020, the technology company achieved a market share of 28%. This figure rose in the second quarter to 37%, with year-on-year growth of 151%, so during this year Xiaomi's position in the Spanish market has taken hold.

But what is the key to Xiaomi's success? In its ten years of life, the brand has emphasized technological innovation to offer users the best products at an honest and affordable price.

In an open letter on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, admitted that "the search for technological innovations will always be the prerequisite for Xiaomi's competitiveness", stressing that "designing the coolest and most innovative products is inherent" to the company's an engineering and technology culture.

In fact, the firm's commitment to innovation has been recognized by the consultancy BCG, which for the third consecutive time has included Xiaomi in the list of the 50 most innovative companies in the world, where it occupies the 24th position.

Xiaomi's innovation, in numbers

Innovation is not an ethereal or intangible concept but can be measured in numbers. Investment in research and development (R&D) is one of the indicators that allow us to value the commitment to innovation. In 2019, the investment amounted to 7.5 billion yuan, a 29.7% increase from the previous year, and by 2020 it is expected to reach 10 billion yuan.

Also, the company wants to be at the forefront of 5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, so it is committed to investing at least 50 billion yuan (about $7 billion) in "5G+AIoT" (5G+AI+IoT).

Another indicator that allows us to measure the level of innovation of the brand is its patent portfolio. At the end of last year, Xiaomi had more than 14,000 patents granted and 16,000 pending patent applications worldwide, related to smartphones, smart hardware, internet technologies or product manufacturing and design.

My 10T, a series marked by innovation

Xiaomi introduced a few weeks ago the Mi 10T Series, composed of three smartphones: Mi 10T Lite, Mi 10T and flagship, Mi 10T Pro. All of them stand out for offering high performance among the best in their range, an advanced display, 5G connectivity, state-of-the-art photographic equipment and a large battery with fast charging.

The new family captures the legacy of Xiaomi's innovation, which last March launched its Mi 10 flagship series with a differentiating feature: all members were factory compatible with 5G, the fastest mobile connectivity whose commercial deployment began in Spain in the second half of last year, but which until 2020 has not started to become widely available.

Other hallmarks of the Mi 10 Series include its state-of-the-art camera module, the quality of its display and the power of the Snapdragon 865, Qualcomm's top-of-the-range 5G mobile processor at the time.

144 Hz display with the latest technology

The Mi 10T family follows in the eye of its predecessors, but with a plus of the innovation accumulated during these months. Thus, it provides unbeatable performance thanks to the Snapdragon 865 processor, which is accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of internal storage. This equipment offers very fluid operation for an unbeatable user experience.

The display is another of the strengths of the Xiaomi Mi 10T. It offers a refresh rate of 144 Hz, a spectacular feature for its price range. Also, it features AdaptiveSync that automatically adjusts the refresh rate to save battery life, prevent frame mismatch, and get a smoother experience.

Another interesting technology in this panel is Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC), which allows devices to insert more frames to make the video smoother and look better. It also features 3.0 reading mode, which simulates the paper structure to protect the view, and also the contrast and colour saturation are automatically adjusted outdoors thanks to Sunlight 3.0 technology.

Only 108 Mpx camera in its price range

Photographic equipment is another sign of Mi 10T's identity. The flagship features a three-camera system consisting of a 108 Mpx main sensor, a 20 Mpx wide-angle and a 12 Mpx telephoto lens. It is the only 108 Mpx camera in its price range.

Xiaomi's Mi 10T series debuts new features in photo software so users can get the most out of the camera trio and capture amazing snapshots in any situation. We found six independent long exposure modes, the eye-catching Photo Clones feature that captures the same subject four times in a single shot, the timed burst, or the new filters.

In the section of the video software, there are also some new features, such as the Video Clones function, Dual Video that records simultaneously with the front and rear cameras, and the Time-Lapse Selfie Video.

All these features make Mi 10T Series smartphones an example of a technological avant-garde with unbeatable value for money.

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