Youtube optimizes your player and introduces new features on android and ios

YouTube is making several improvements to its mobile apps for Android and iOS, in which in addition to optimizing the appearance of its video player, it is also integrating new features within the apps.

As for the optimized appearance of the video player, the Video Platform, owned by Google, notes that some buttons have been rearranged and the controls are faster to use.

The highlight of the reorganization is the move of the subtitle button to a more accessible place, integrating it into a prominent place within the player itself. Something similar also happens with the control for autoplay, which, being outside the player, also becomes inside, in a prominent place, to be more within reach of users.

But in addition to these improvements, YouTube is making video chapters available to all users, and with it also comes the possibility to see a list, with its corresponding thumbnails, of all the chapters available in the same video.

This makes it easier to navigate between the different parts, called chapters, of the same video.

It is also making it easier to enter and exit full-screen mode, and it does so through gestures. In this sense, swiping up automatically enters full-screen mode, and swiping down simply exits it.

On the other hand, come the suggested actions, which ask users to perform some actions when there are possibilities to improve the experience. According to the examples outlined: "they ask you to turn your phone or play a video in virtual reality when we think you can have a better experience", and point out that they will bring more suggested actions in the future.

And finally, remember the recent launch of the digital wellness tool bedtime reminders, to set reminders to go to bed at specific times after watching some videos.

Image credit: YouTube

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