Youtube will allow premium subscribers to access its experimental features

If you like to try out the experimental features that launch your favourite apps before anyone else, you'll have an advantage on YouTube if you're a premium user. This lets the Google team know on the YouTube page.

So far, any experiment or new feature is tested with a small group of users who are randomly chosen. But this is about to change on YouTube as they will be a bonus for your premium subscribers.

Of course, these functions will be accessible for a limited time as they are under testing. They can change their dynamics or disappear at any time. For example, some of the experimental features available mentioned on the YouTube page are:

  • Watch videos with sound on the home page from the app on iOS
  • Voice video search feature from Chrome
  • Custom filters in additional languages

This series of features will be available for a couple of weeks for premium users. And of course, they will have the entire feature pack that YouTube promises for their subscribers, for example, background playback, zero advertising, etc.

The Google team hasn't mentioned why you're applying this change to experimental features, but it might be to give your subscribers a bonus. Or to ensure that features will be available to users who do frequently use YouTube, understand their dynamics, and value the improvements that are being developed on the platform. And of course, they'll also be interested in providing feedback.

So if you're a premium user, you can go to the YouTube page to access the features, without going through any filter.

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