Amazon Fire Stick TV from 20 euros: Amazon Spain's crazy offering

Among the options available in Spain to turn your TV into a smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick TV is one of the best options for their exceptional value for money. These devices are usually very affordable, but in pre-Black Friday offers, the company has decided to throw the house out the window.

All Fire TV Sticks have been temporarily downgraded, including the new models the company introduced a few days ago. The cheapest is the Fire Stick TV Lite, a device that allows us to turn a TV into smart for less than 20 euros, a price of madness but that is not the only one that has been reduced.

All Fire TV Sticks downgraded in Amazon Spain: the most basic model from 20 euros

Fire TV Sticks are very popular devices to make your TV smart. Although based on Android, they include a full layer of customization from Amazon with its own app store (where you can find virtually all the main apps for consuming multimedia content), as well as integrations with the Alexa voice assistant with direct access to the voice assistant from the remote control itself.

Currently, in Spain, we have four models, the Fire TV Stick Lite and TV of 2020, presented a few days ago (both are 50% faster than the previous generation Fire Stick), the Fire Stick TV 4K of 2018 and the Fire Stick TV Cube last year, the latter being the most powerful of all and newcomer also to Spain along with the models of 2020. If you wanted to get one to turn some TV into smart, it's a great opportunity to get any of them.

  • Fire TV Stick Lite for 19.99 euros: 10 euros discount.
  1. Ideal for simple televisions: If your only interest is accessing internet content on a simple TV, it's the perfect one. It is ready for FullHD TVs, although it supports HDR content and
  2. It's 50% faster than the previous Fire Stick TV, so if you already had one and missed more fluidity, it's a good update.
  • Fire TV Stick for 29.99 euros: 10 euros off.
  1. It's pretty much the same as the Fire Stick TV Lite in features, but the controller includes buttons to turn the TV on or off and turn the TV up or down. If the TV on which you are going to connect the Fire TV you only used the controller for these two options, because for 10 euros more you save yourself having the traditional TV controller swarming around. In case you use the controller for other things (TV channels, change HDMI inputs) because you may want to save the 10 euros as you will continue to use the controller.
  • Fire Stick TV 4K for 39.99 euros: 20 euros discount.
  1. It is the cheapest compatible with 4K televisions. It may be the least appealing of the four because it's not much more powerful than the built-in smart TV systems, but if you like the Amazon Fire OS system, Alexa voice controls and want 4K support at the lowest price is the ideal choice for you.
  • Fire TV Cube for 79.99 euros: 40 euros discount.
  1. It's the fastest and most advanced of them all. Not only does it have a controller with Alexa, but the device itself can act in the hands-free mode as if it were an Amazon Echo, but connected to the TV.
  2. At the accessory and integration level, it also has an ethernet adapter to connect it to the wired and infrared network to control devices.

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