Amazon Fire TV is updated in Spain with live TV and Alexa routines

Amazon's strategy with its hardware in Spain is no different than it is in other countries. It is true that as with Google or Apple, releases in the United States are more numerous and faster, but sooner or later they usually arrive in our country as well.

It's just what happened with Live TV, the option that was available in the USA to be able to watch live TV channels from Amazon Fire TV.

Live channels arrive in Spain

This new feature is currently reaching Spanish users, allowing you to choose to view the streaming content of the service or the channels with which Amazon has signed agreements to broadcast your live streaming signal.

It is obvious that thanks to this type of broadcast we will not need to have an antenna connection on a TV to watch tv in open, the usual DDT channels. Among them are those of RTVE, such as La 1 and La 2, or those of Atresplayer, such as Antena 3 and La Sexta. It's something different from the channels he's recently released.

This new section, called Live, will be available on all Fire Sticks, regardless of the type of product we have, the normal, the 4K, etc. We will have sections such as "Recent Channels", "Live Sports", "Breaking News"...

Alexa routines arrive on Amazon Fire TVs

Another new feature is Amazon Fire TV's compatibility with Alexa routines. From now on you can use these shortcuts that combine certain actions from the TV.

For example, I use a "Good Morning" call which it does is tell me the weather of the day, reads my schedule and turns on two of the house lights, which I use when I work.

In the coming weeks, these features will reach all Amazon Fire TVs sold in Spain.

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