Facebook will use a new ai-based system to moderate content


Facebook will use a new artificial intelligence-based system to speed up the content moderation process. This new dynamic will complement the work of human moderators by helping them focus faster on the most important issues.

This new system will allow moderators to take swift action in urgent cases, as AI will do a previous job of being in charge of the "moderation queue".

Facebook post reports can have different reasons, ranging from spam to content that violates platform rules, so not all of them are treated in the same way. Some are automatically moderated by applying a certain action (for example, deleting the publication), and in severe cases, they are queued for moderation.

As mentioned in The Verge, reports are sorted chronologically as they emerge on the platform. And that way they reach human moderators, so publications that require urgent attention may not be treated that way.

This will be solved with Facebook's new AI system. When a post is reported, Facebook machine learning algorithms will evaluate this report and prioritize posts based on several criteria, such as virality, if it violates the rules, or their severity.

In this way, moderators will be able to deal with reports of the most harmful publications in the shortest possible time. One of the keys to keeping the platform secure.

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